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Giantess Amy Rose As She Appears In The Archie Sonic Universe Her Red Ski Tanktop Is Ripped Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Her Red Ski Skirt Is Ripped As Well She Had Long Pink Hair And Quils She Wore Red/White Boots She Had Green Eyes And Black Irises

Role In Amy Rose (Archie)

She Walked Along The Road Until She Sees Amy's Pink Sports Car And Hitchhiked

Powers And Abilities

Due To Her Tall Height She Is Physically Strong And Can Lift Up Objects She Also Appears In Giantess Amy Rose Adventures She Also Has Her Comics She Can Also Use Her Elbow To Smash Through Things


Giantess Amy Rose Lived Peacefully With Her Sisters Giantess Jessica Rose, Giantess Allison Rose, Giantess Susanna Rose, Giantess Summer Rose, Giantess Nicole Rose And Giantess Tiffany Rose In New Megatropolis

Giantess Amy Rose (Archie)

In 1993 Archie Published Comics Featuring Giantess Amy Rose And Her Giantess Sisters Called Giantess Amy Rose As An Tribute To Them For Their Heroic Deeds And Services Starring Them As The Main Characters


Giantess Amy Rose Was Calm, Sweet, Thoughtful, Caring, Kind, Helpful, Intelligent, Sexy, Attractive And Great Looking She Has An Sense Of Humor And Loves To Laugh With Her Sisters


Jonathan The Hedgehog-When Giantess Amy Rose Looked Down She Sees Jonathan Who Was 5"10 She Immediately Asked How's It Going He Responded By Saying Good She Picked Him Up And Looked At Him Smiling And Kisses Him Which Ends Up Showing Them Becoming Friends Where He Paid Them $500 Dollars In Advance For Taking Out The Suppression Squad


Dr. Eggman-The Giantess Sisters Absolutely Hates Dr. Eggman They Have Been Pursuing Him Since Their Last Victory Against Him

The Suppression Squad-They Faced Off Against Them Numerous Times


Giantess Amy Rose Has Sisters

She Is A Friendly Character Who Gets Along With Everyone

She Has Appeared In Movies Starring Her And Her Giantess Girlfriends

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