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Giantess Amy Rose Is An Former WWF Superstar Her Attire Consists Of Ripped Red/White Dress Which Showed Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Ripped Skirt And Ripped Red/White High Heel Boots Which Showed Her Pink Feet She Was Managed By Her Sisters She Is Considered To Be One Of The Greatest And One Of The Most Friendliest And Popular WWF Women's Champion Of All Time Because Of Her Kind Personality And Great Humor She Takes Everything As A Joke Even If She's Serious She Is Joking She Had Amy's Hairstyle Her Hair Color Was Pink She Had An Light Tan Mouth Muzzle Green Eyes With Black Irises Fun Fact: She Is An 8 Time King Of The Ring Winner (1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999

2000 And 2001)

WWF Career (1990-2013)

She Made Her In Ring Debut As Giantess Amy Rose She Stood At 6"10 328 Ibs She Was Taller Much Like Undertaker Himself She Had Pure Muscle She Copied Undertaker's Moves And Made Tweaks To Them To Her Liking Amy Decided To Keep The Tombstone Piledriver As Her Finisher Because She Loved Using That One She Picked Up Her First Win In 1990 Against Luna Vachon And Undertaker Couldn't Believe This Vince McMahon Said "She Was An Joy To Work With She Had An Great Sense Of Humor And Is Friendly With The Fans" She Enjoyed Working For The WWF It Was Her Home She Competed In Wrestlemania 6 (1990) In Toronto Canada In Which She Would Obtain The WWF Women's Championship By Beating Luna Vachon Once Again Making Her 1-0 At Wrestlemania She Would Later Have An Undefeated Wrestlemania Streak It Was Also At Wrestlemania 6 That She And Giantess Jessica Rose Formed The Tag Team Named The Giantesses And Won Their First WWF Unified Tag Team Title In 1990 Ironically It Was Giantess Amy Rose's First Wrestlemania Appearance

Wrestlemania Streak, Championships, Tag Team Titles (1991-2013)

As Giantess Amy Rose's Wrestlemania Streak Improved To 2-0 After Retaining Her Title At Wrestlemania 7 (1991) Against Alundra Blayze The Giantesses Became The 2nd Time WWF Tag Team Champions

Charitable Causes (1994)

In 1994 After Giantess Amy Rose Saw Her Home Of Mobius Burned Down To Ashes She Tearfully Gave 500,000 Dollars In Donation To Help Rebuild Mobius She Also Set Up An Hospital In Mobius And Helped Remodeled The WWF Monday Night Raw Arena Which Showed Vince How Loyal She Was To WWF

2nd Half Of Career And First Retirement (1994-95)

Giantess Amy Rose Continued Her Success As She Racked Up 49 World Wrestling Federation Women's Championships And World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles She Decided To Announce Her First Official Retirement In 1995 However She Did Win King Of The Ring 1995 Giving Her 3 Out Of 8 She Won Beating Unfortunately Undertaker With His Own Finisher Tombstone Piledriver During Her First Retirement Giantess Amy Rose Explored Marketable Options That Is Until Slim Jim Wanted Her To Be The Spokeswoman Of Their Company Which She Happily Accepted And She Had Endorsement Deals With Wheaties, McDonald's, Gatorade, Foot Locker, Sega And Pizza Hut She Became An Marketable WWF Superstar She Also Promoted WWF Raw For Sega Genesis Back In 1994

Return And Continued Success (1997-2013)

She Returned In 1997 Shortly After Winning King Of The Ring 1996 Defeating Jake Roberts She Would Go On To Win KOTR 1997,1998,1999,2000 And 2001 Giving Her 8 Overall

Retirement (2013)

She Officially Announced Her Retirement In 2013 Ending Her Career On An High Note Inducted Into The WWF Hall Of Fame In 2013

Life After The WWF

Giantess Amy Rose Is Now Leading Her Freedom Fighter Group Named The Giantess Freedom Fighters


Giantess Amy Rose: The Icon

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