Girls of Hip-Hop is a reccuring American show about three preteen girls who hip hop their way to fame. thumb|300px|left|Theme song for The Girls of Hip-Hop


  • Candace—The leader of the three girls, who tends to act a bit bossy at some times, but is always willing to help her friends.
  • Safara—The totally wild girl who is in eighty-seven voluntary clubs, yet never has time for them.
  • Sherine—A sweetheart who loves animals, showers every day, and always turns in her homework on time.


Season 1

  • Stinky Dancers–Candace, Safara, and Sherine try to dance for their classmate Catherine on her birthday, but she doesn't really like hip-hop…
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Don't Recycle–Safara has a recycling convention at the same time as the girls' hip hop classes.
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