Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction

This is the 71st episode of Gizmo's and Gadgets. And is also Gizmo's and Gadgets movie.


Takes place a month after the last episode of Gizmo's and Gadgets.

The gang go to the gizmo festival and after being the prized team He says only five/six members can

continue as main members of the team and challenged to a test to see wich five

There are 2 teams Team 1 is : Blaine,Sophia,Lydia,Jake,Rain and Sasha

Team 2 is : Johnny,Don,Shaun,Aaron and Clay

The 2 teams run to there first destination , Niagara Falls. Team 1 go to Austrailia

There first challenge for Team 1 was to battle with kangaroos.

The kangoroo's use hanging at knock.Team 1 uses kangaroo rock sock

The people in the Niagaran falls use deafeat gizmo attack.

The gang use falls destroyer.

There were millions of tasks

In the end Team 2 won and Team 1 are temparary members

The Handler turns in a good guy