Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction

This boy called Johnny finds a gaget and gets these metal robot dinousars

So do his friends and have battles and save the world

The dinosaurs learn to talk and fight

Now thats when the fighting begins!

Later on in the Series they battle new characters and meet new people

Gizmos and Gadgets

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Air Dates
Ireland : May 23 2010 - September 1 2010

UK : June 26 2010 - September 11 2010

USA : August 16 2010 - January 5 2011

Austrailia : September 1 2010-Febuary 2 2011

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Filming Dates and Airdates

Season One Filming : February 7 2010 - May 6 2010

Season Two Filming : May 23 2010 - June 26 2010

Season Three Filming : July 9 2010 - August 16 2010

Season Four Filming : August 16 2010 - August 17 2010

Season One Airing : May 23 2010 - May 29 2010

Season Two Airing : May 29 2010 - July 19 2010

Season Three Airing : July 19 2010 - August 16 2010

Season Four Airing : August 17 2010 - September 1 2010

Total Airdate : May 23 2010 - September 1 2010 (If you count the movie)

Note : The movie counts with the episodes.


Main Characters

Jonathon "Johnny" Jeffryson (Voiced by Jason Zanders) 11-year old boy owns a T-Rex. is in all 70 episodes

Donald "Don" Bonas (Voiced by David Mitchell) - Is 11 also

Owns a Triceritops. Is in all 70 episodes

Sasha Dexters - (Voiced by Sarah Jones) Is 12 years old

Owns a stegesauras. In all 70 eps

Lydia McCloney -(Voiced by Lydia Meleney) Is 11 years old .

Owns a long necked dinosaur. is in all 70 episodes

Shawn Syoskii - (Voiced by Michael Benjamane) Is 13 years old

Owns a T-Rex less powerfull than Johnny's T-Rex. is in all 70 episodes

Jacob "Jake" M. Bane - (Voiced by David Mitchell)Is 14 years old

Owns a Mechanical Wolf. first appears in episode 13. appears in 57 episodes

Ezekiel "Zeke" Handler "The Handler" - (Voiced by Arthur Zanders) The main villian

Owns a T-Rex even more powerfull than Johnny's T-Rex

Clayton "Clay" Daniels - (Voiced by Conor Mitchell) Is 11 years old

Owns a fire breathing tricerotops. appears in 66 episodes

Sophia Daniels - (Voiced by Lydia Meleney) Is 11 years old

Owns a leoplourodon. appears in 66 episodes

Rainbow "Rain" Bane - (Voiced by Jason Zanders) Is 14 years old

Jakes long lost twin brother. appears in episode 14. Owns a fire breathing mechinacil wolf

appears in 56 episodes

Blaine Boschick - (Voiced by Humphrey Zanders) Is 15 years old

Blain a Brazilian battler . First appears in episode 32. Owns a ghost dinosaur called The Unknown

appears in 38 episodes

Aaron Divian (Voiced by David Mitchell) Is 15 years old

Clay's cousin.he is proving to be an awsome member.He owns a Basilosauras,which is actullay a ancient Whale.

He is the 11th and final member of the Gizmos and Gadgets gang.He appears in episode 49. appears in 21 episodes

Guest Star Characters

Trudy Clay (Voiced by Pearl Zanders)

Amazonian Indians (Jason Zanders,Michael Benjamane and David Mitchell)

Niall Hadler (Arthur Zanders)

Francis Little (Actually the Handler) (Pearl Zanders)

Kereguelans (Jason Zanders)

Aliens (Jason Zanders)

Episode List

Season 1

1. The Gizmos

Johnny ,Don,Sasha,Lydia and Shawn find a gizmo and a gadget and plug them together.suddenly some metal dinousaurs attack! Johnny seems to get a T-Rex under his control and decides to use it for good. So do the rest

Meanwhile a guy called the handler is trying to destroy the gang without them knowing

2. The Handler

The gang find out about the handler and try to escape. The Handler decides to use his powerfull T-Rex to destroy them.

After a escapade of mayhem and trouble the gang find another gizmo.l And nearly destroy the handler.

3. My First Battle

Johnny has to get ready for his first battle against Shawn. He uses bite ascipe Shawn uses fire sitrem. Johnny uses Explodasion and wins!

4. Clay and Sophia

The gang are still looking at the new gizmo they found in episode 2. It belongs to these to battlers Clay and Sophia.

Lydia challenges Clay and Sophia in a battle. She uses hyper speed he uses folting wing. Clay and Sophia win joining the team .

5.Don and the Totem

The team find a totem that suddenly turns into a gizmo. Don try's to challenge the totem dinousaur to a battle.

He uses Chamber saw. But the totem nearly kills him and wins. He later deafets it and destroys it!

6.The Competition

There is a battle competition beetween the Handler and Sasha

Sasha does well until the handelr nearly sucked her in tornado. Once again the goodgie(Sasha wins)

7. A Unpleasent Suprise

The dinousaurs start to talk but almost destroy the city

The team run up and use Siper Clash and attack the evil out of them!

8-11. Zambian Battle (Two hour TV Speicial)

Part One : Johnny and Don go to zambia for a battle against Trudy Clay master dino battler and find another gizmo

Back at Johnny's house the rest of the team battle the handlers son Codemaster. they use Solar site

Part Two : As the battle begins Trudy uses center ascape Johnny and Don Use Super Beam and win

All is well back at Johnny's house

Part Three and Four : Codemaster uses another powerfull dinosaur and it goes out of hand. They later fix the mess and win there battle!

12.Side By Side

As a new dinousas is unleashed Lydia takes it to school with her but it nearly destroys the schools. She battles and deafeats it

13.And Then There Were Eight

A new battler joins the team his name is Jake. Suprisingly he battles with a wolf instead of a dinousaur. He meets the handler and notices the handler is evil. Suddenly the handler puts Jake under his control and Jake nearly kills the gang.

He uses Zombie Fang. The team use Bite Ascip and win. They later find out the handler done it and snap Jake out of the control .They battle the handler.He uses Fire shot,The team use Dino and Wolf destroyer deafeating the Handler.

14.Long Lost

Jakes long lost twin brother Rain joins the team and has his first battle against the Handler.He uses Wolf Breathing reaveling

that not only Jake has a mechinacal wolf and also reaviling not only Clay has a fire breathing animal. He wins his battle.

15.Johnny versus Dino Causarla - Part 1

Johnny finds a dino that goes by the name dino Causarla.Johnny offers to battle him.

16.Johnny versus Dino Causarla - Part 2

After a really great battle the handler appears and trys to destyroy Johnny once and for all

17.Johnny versus Dino Causarla - Part 3

After a big exploision Johnny and Dino Causarla have another battle.After that they prepear battle the handler

18.Johnny versus Dino Causarla - Part 4

With the handler on there tail they finally decide t fight handler. They use ultimate destroy and deafet handler again

19.Destructo Deafeat

After an unfimmiliar face is in town Rain discovers is deteminant to know who this athletic old man is.

They find out it is the handlers father and battle him.He uses Destructo deafet and wins!

20.Stegasaurus Rex!

Johnny's T-Rex and Sasha's stegasaurus have merged to make stegasaurus Rex! The two destroy lots of stuff but are later battled and deafeat.The then unmerge and everything is normal . NOTE : Next episode is a 1 and a 1/2 our TV Speical

21-23.Evolvasauraus (Season Finale)

Part One : Johnny's T-Rex evoles into mega T-Rex

Part Two : It happens that so has the Handlers. The both battle. Handler uses Evolusauraus and wins. Johnny decides to battle handler again. He uses I Destructo and wins

Season 2

1(24). Bane versus Bane

Rain and Jake have there there first battle against each other .

Rain uses Wolf Salt . Jake uses Wirlpool bite. Rain wins by using reverse wirlpool bite

2(25).Battle of the Losses Part 1

Shawn is lost and its up to the team to fin him and trie to find out who done it. Suddenly for no single reason at all

the handler attackes them and it is found out he was the cause of Shawn being be continued.....

3(26).Battle of the Losses Part 2

Last time on Gizmos and Gadgets Shawn is lost thanks to the handler and its up to the team to find him

Sasha and Lydia, Clay and Sophia prepare to battle Handler. Johnny ,Jake,Don and Rain go to find Shawn

At the start of the girls (and Clays) battle they use Ultra destructo

4(27).Battle of the Losses Part 3

Continuing the battle. The handler uses T-Rex Thunder

Johnny and the rest naerly find Shawn

5(28).Battle of the Losses Part 4

Sasha and the rest win there battle

Johnny finds Shawn only to be attacked by a dino. The destroy it and catch up with the rest

6(29).Team Exprodon

The team find out a team called Team Exprodon. It consists the Handlers Son,FaTHER,dAUGHTER AND HIM

Shawn battles Handlers Daughter . He uses fire escaper. Her daughter usesFire Sample but loses

7(30)The Deep Forest of the Amazoms Part 1

The gang (except for Jake and Rain) go on a trip to the Amazonian Forsests in Brazil

They meet some Amazomnian Inidans and challenges them to a fight.

The Indians use Indian zap. The gang are attacked and are frozen!

8(31)The Deep Forest of the Amazons Part 2

Jake and Rain go on a trip in The Handlers lab

Handler finds them and challenges them to a battle

Jake and Rain use wolf attack but the handler has an even better move utrla handling zapapadroids!!

Jake and Rain use wofl tring zap and win the fight

9(32)The Deep Forests of the Amazons Part 3

Jake and Rain try to go and save the gang but they are captured too

Can a new battler Blain save them?

10(33)The Deep Forests of the Amazons Part 4

Blain battles the Amazonian Indinas he uses The Unknown Dinosour zap

It deafets the Amazonian Indians and the group invite Blain to there group

11(34) World Tour of a Lifetime

The group deside to go on a world tour when fighting

Handler follows them throughout the day tracking there every move

12(35) The River "Niall"

The gang go to Egypt and find Handlers brother Niall. and find out Hanlers real name Zeke

Niall captures the groups gizmos.

Handler steals the gadgets

Johnny,Shawn,Jake and Rain and Sophia go after Handler

Don,Sasha,Lydia,Clay and Blain go after Niall

Shawn uses Solioum Jap and it deafets the Handler and Niall

13(36) Cold Wars

The gangs next stop is Greenland

They meet a young girl called Francis Little and she takes there dinousaurs and wolves and usesthem angainst them

The gang find out she's actually the Handler in descise! The gang fight the handler with there bare hands and get there dinousaurs back.

14(37)Los Angel-as

A girl called Angel Scottsan after visiting Los Angelas

They battle her for fun

She uses Emrald Blast

Blain uses Emrald Blastier and win!

15(38)The Kerguelen Islands Part 1

Theres a war at the Kereguelen Islands can the gang save the Kerguelen emrald trophie from desturction?

16(39)The Keruguelen Islands Part 2 Battle 1

A couple of Keruguelens fight the the gang with the bare hands

The gang drop leave there dinousaurs and esept the challenge

17(40)The Keruguelen Islands Part 2 Battle 2 Part 1

The gang fight the Indians only to be deafeated

Can the gang get back.

18(41)The Keruguelen Islands Part 2 Battle 2 Part 2

Shawn gets tired off fighting with bare hands and uses Yazmin Drodid and deafets the Indians

They then go into the castle to retrieve the emrald.

19(42)The Kereguelen Islands Part 3

The Kereguelens gard the the door and challenge them to a dino battle

20-21 (43-44)The Keregulen Islands Part 4 (Season Finale)

The gang fight the Kereugelens and get the emrald

Season 3

1(45)World Tour Over

The gang relise that there world tour is over

2-6(46) Team Expradroid Return

After 3 weeks of non-battling

Handler and his family come back for a battle

The gang use Canadian Ringer and deafet Team Exprodron

7(47) Niagaran Battles

After reaveling that there world tour is back on the gang go to the Niagara Falls and battle the Niagaran King

They use Fire bite and win.

8(48) Greek Fighting

The gang go to Greece and battle a gladiator.

In round one Johnny uses Ultimate Goal.In the next round the gang use Fire Jap.

But The gladiator uses Escape abloat. The gang use power defeater and win the battle

9(49)Whale Dinosaur!,Part 1

Clay's cousin Aaron comes & handler plans an attack.Aaron wants to battle but the others don't won't him to.Aaron's big Basilosauras defeats The Handler easily.The gang go to Austrailia

10(50)Whale Dinosaur,Part 2

In less than 2 weeks Aarons dinousaur evovles

11(51)Whale Dinosaur,Part 3

The gang are challenged to a battle with only Aarons dinosaur

12(52)Whale Dinosaur,Part 4

The gang use fire cooler but the Austrailians use Down Under!

13(53)Whale Dinosar,Part 5

The gang use Paraol Trick and win

14-15(54-55)Space Battles,Part 1

The Gang go to Space and Battle

16-17(56-57)Space Battles,Part 2

The Astronots use Corp Tolves

18-19(58-59)Space Battles,Part 3

The gang use wolf and dinousaur vounder

20(60)Space Battles,Part 4 (Season Finale)

They use wolf and dinousaur vounder again and win the battle

Season 4

Note : This is the fouth and final season of Gizmos and Gadgets

1(61) New Begining

The gang go back to earth and go to the Antartica.

They battle an abonimal snowman and the snowman uses snow ball attack

They use Snowman destroyer and win

2(62) Area 53 , Part 1

The gang go to Area 51 and 52

They then see an alien he uses slime beat

And the gang use animal fight and win

3(63) Area 53 , Part 2

The gang are still in Area 51 and 52

They battle a man

They use Gun slime and win

4(64) Area 53, Part 3

The aliens attack but take there gizmos and battles

The gang are in danger

to be continued....

5-6(65-66) Area 53 , Part 4-5

The gang get there gizmo's but the aliens wont leave them alone withouth a fight........

7(67) Area 53 , Part 5 and a 1/2 I

The gang use Chesnut fight for round 1

The aliens use fire sli

8(68) Area 53 , Part 5 and a 1/2 II

The gang use abonibal gizmo for round 2

The aliens use Expalination Spark

The aliens also use time travel

9(69) Area 53 , Part 6

The gang use Ultra destroy and win

10(70) The Gizmo Areana (Series Finale)

The gang go to the Gizmo arena and battle the worlds strongest battling

dino wolf.......The Nutjawb Crawker

He uses Tork zap

They use Nutjawawb destroyer

He uses Gizmo destroy and nearly defeats them

They use Nutjawb Crawker destroyer and win the battle and are crowned best gizmo battling team.

11(71) Gizmo's and Gadgets:The Movie

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