Takes Place 2 months after Gizmo's and Gagets

After half of there team going to The Gizmo's and Gadgets temparary team.

The gang go on new adventures with new Team Members

Gizmos and Gadgets : New Dawn Battle
Ireland:September 2 2010 - March 29 2011

England:September 9 2010 - March 29 2011

USA :January 6 2011 - April 26 2011
Austrailia:January 12 2011 - May 1 2011

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Johnny - 11-12 years Owns a T-Rex.From last series

Shawn - From last series.Leavs Team in season 2

Clay - From last series.Leaves Team in season 2

Don - 11-12 years old. Owns a Triceretops.From Last series

Aaron - Is 15-16 years old Owns a bailisaurus.From last Series

Lia - New Girl. Twin of Penelope. Owns a fire breathing leoploridon

Penelope - New Girl.Twin of Lia.Owns a fire breathing leoploridon less powerfull than Lia's

Zachary "Zack" Coleman - New Guy. Owns a teredactle

Wolf 0 - The main villian of the series. Takes Handlers place


Episodes :

Season 1

01.A New Begining

The gang meet three new battlers(Zach,Lia and Penelope) and let them join there team.

02.Wolf 0 Arrises

The gang meet Wolf 0. They battle him.

He uses wolf hero

They use Dimad chay and win


The gang learn that Clay and Shawn will leave the team sometime

They battle Clay and Shawn.Clay uses Chi battle. Zack uses fly asci and wins

04.Hallo-ween Tweens

Wolf 0 brings his teeenage son Hawk Hero. the gang battle him. Hawk Hero uses mouse foul. The gang win by using Halloween destrocofie

05-10.Christmas Carol Part 1-5

Wolf 0 attacks and they battle.The team use overload and win

11.Leaving the Team

Clay and Shawn finnaly leave the team but Wolf 0 attacks.Zack saves the team with elemental code

12.E.V.I.L. Army (Series Finale)

Wolf 0 comes with a army of wolfs

The wolfs use eat this

the gang use destroyer!

The wolf use bite this.Only for the gang to deafeat them with destroy

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