Grand Pretty Guardian Neo Sailor Moon Crystal Millennium Galaxy Star Storm: Rising Of The The True Rulers Of The Solar System & Ultimate Defenders Of The Infinitely Vast Universe--The Fall Of The Silver Millennium And Rise Of The Platinum Millennium  is a fan fiction remake of Sailor Moon.

The Neo Sailor Soldiers are close allies with Section 9.

The Neo Sailor Soldiers & Section 9 join forces with The Time-Space Administration Bureau, The Autobots, and other heroes.

The Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets, they were the ones who brought destruction upon The Moon Kingdom and brought The Silver Millennium into ruin.

The Neo Sailor Soldiers are full cyborgs because of the merging of dimensions.

This is also a massive multi-crossover series.


Neo Sailor Soldiers

Section 9


Holy Knights

Digi Destined

Battle Brawlers

Sonic Heroes

Keyblade Guardians Of Th Realm Of Light & The realm Of Darkness


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

Other Creatures

Section 13 & The J-Team


TV Shows


Video Games


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