Grand Spirit Blade Neo Genesis- Alpha & Omega Imperial Divine Primordial Beast God / Primordial Divine Dragon Galaxy Star Infinity Kai Millennium X-Storm: The Legacy Of The Ancient Primordial Entities & The Greatest Legends In The Infinite Omniverse  is a fan fiction multi crossover series.

The Story mainly focuses on The Great Cybertronian War, The Great War For The Silver Millennium, The Digital Civil War, The Tunian- Moronian Great War, & The Keyblade War.

Ploy / Symbiosis


Silver Millennium / White Moon Kingdom

Holy Knights

Digi Destined / Fusion Hearts


Fallen Angels



Mythological Dieties

Other Creatures

Time-Space Administration Bureau

Keybalde Order Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darkness

Human Alies

Television Shows


Video Games


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