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Gumball was a light blue cat. He was fourteen years old. He was one of Anais and Minnie's brothers, Aladdin and Tiana's son in law, one of Christopher Robin's best friends, Mary Test's good friends, and Richard and Nicole's son. He was voiced by Joshua Seth.


Darwin was best friends with Gumball. Gumball played the role of Jaq in Mary Testerella. He has a crush on Anais.


  • Dear Monsieur Skinner, My name is Renata Linguini. You may remember me from many years ago, where Auguste and I were very close. I have sent my boy Alfredo to you in hopes that you could find a way to give him a job. He's a good boy, a hard worker, but he is young and needs to find his place in the world. It would mean very much to me, as I am ill and don't know what the future holds. I have never told anyone this, and I tell you now only in hopes that it will encourage you to help my boy, but Alfredo is Gusteau's son. Please don't tell Alfredo this, he doesn't know. Sincerely, Renata.


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