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Guyver: Supernova (also known as Guyver of the Dawn, since the original Guyver is believed to be known as the "Guyver of the Dusk") is a fanfictional American action series & part of the Guyver franchise. It's based on the 1996 tokusatsu series Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


Tyler Wheeler a Young Man who Comes to Yale Befriends Cori and Walks with Her then he Finds the Guyver Unit while Resting in a Cave he comes to discover the Dissaperance of his Father Professor Tetsu with the Help of His Friends and Fight Chronos and the Zoanoids.


  • Tyler Wheeler - The main protagonist who was chosen to become the Guyver with the help of his new friends and His Love Intrest Cori.
  • Cori - The second antagonist who's in love with Tyler and has Cleo Rikki Kirby and Fish her friends to help Tyler
  • Cleo - The third protagonist who's friends with Tyler and Cori
  • Rikki - The fourth protagonist who's friends with Cleo and Tyler
  • Kirby - The fifth protagonist who's friends with fish and helps tyler
  • Fish - The sixth protagonist who's friends with Kirby and helps cleo also tyler
  • Professor Tetsu - The Seventh protagonist Tyler's father who died in a battle with chronos
  • Fulton Balcus - The Antagonist and the Boss of the Chronos Corparation
  • Lisker - The Second Antagonist and the Master of the Boss of the Chronos Corparation
  • Guyot - The Third Antagonist and the Third Boss of the Chronos Corporation
  • Arlen Crane - The Fourth Antagonist and the Companist of the Chronos Corporation
  • Dr. East - The Fifth Antagonist and the Dr. of the Chronos Corporation
  • Roman Harris - The Sixth Antagonist and The First Dark Guyver
  • Ryan - The Seventh Antagonist and The New Dark Guyver also Dr. East's Son


  1. The Amazing Supernova
  2. Secret Orginazation Chronos
  3. Inspecter Lisker
  4. Visitor of the Dusk
  5. Death of the Guyver Supernova
  6. Terminal Battle - The Final Fall of Chronos Japan
  7. The Battle Begins
  8. The Lost Unit
  9. Ashes and Chasing Memories
  10. Perlude of the Chase
  11. Rellic's Point
  12. Dark Guyver Rises
  13. The Tragic Enzyme II
  14. Escape in the Rain
  15. Guyot Strikes
  16. The Awaken Supernova
  17. The Nightmare Begins
  18. Vibration
  19. The Night Before Strike
  20. The Advents Ship
  21. Countdown of Destruction
  22. Beam of Annihlation
  23. At the Town of Depresshion
  24. Guyver Supernova vs Dark Guyver
  25. Final Battle
  26. Guyver Supernova Wins Agian


  1. [1] (Tyler Wheeler's theme)
  2. [2] (Cori's theme)
  3. [3] (Rikki's theme)
  4. [4] (Cleo's theme)
  5. [5] (Fish's theme)
  6. [6] (Kirby's theme)
  7. [7] (Fulton and Lisker's theme)
  8. [8] (Spooky Music)
  9. [9] (Battle and Rescuing Music)
  10. [10] (Tyler and Cori's Love theme)
  11. [11] (Guyver Supernova vs Dark Guyver theme)
  12. [12] (Ryan/Dark Guyver II Theme)
  13. [13] (Harris Roman/Dark Guyver I Theme)
  14. [14] (Sad Music)
  15. [15] (Cori's Song)
  16. [16] (Cleo's Song)
  17. [17] (Crane's Theme)
  18. [18] (Cleo Rikki and Cori's Song as Cori and the Catgirls)
  19. [19] (Tyler's Song)
  20. [20] (Walking Music)
  21. [21] (Illusion Music)
  22. [22] (Tyler Returns Music)
  23. [23] (Leave Behind and Get Out of the Factory Music)
  24. [24] (Sad Music)



Guyver Supernova Opening-2

The Series's Opening

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