Gwen Tennyson is a Human/Anodite hybrid. She is the first cousin of Ben. She is currently the girlfrind of Kevin Ethen Levin. She is the daughter of Frank and Nataliie. She has an older brother named Ken.

Powers and abilities:



Mana manipulation,controling,absorving,chanelling

Energy manipulation,projection,controlling,absorving,chanelling

Mana and magic blasts

Shield creation and maipultaion

Barrier creation and manipulation

Transformation ( in her anodite form and back)

teleportation ( drains a lot of mana from her though)

portal and vortex creation

summoning and conjuring (limited)

hyperspeed (while being controlled by Diagon, she can also do that in her anodite form)

flight (anodite form)

traveling through dimensions (anodite form)

Resurrecion and Necromancy (in anodite form)

astral projection (through spells)

enchanting (through spells)

telekenisis (through spells or in her anodite form and rarely through her mana)

reality warping (anodite form limited)

time travel ( anodite form limited

immortality,indistructiblility,immunity to almost everything,invulnrability ( in anodite form limited)

size alteration (anodite form)

healing (through spells or in her anodite form or through her mana)


knowledge of mana and magic (but not as charmcaster or hex)

martial arts and hand to hand combat



super intellect, master hacker,

illusion casting  (through spells or anodite form)


Gwen really doesn't use a lot of weapong because she is intellegent and quite powerful but she used charmcaster's spellbook (which it is hers right now) on many things like casting spells,incantations and etc.She also has a possession on powerful spellbooks from hex's mansion,and she has magical objects with lower magical quallities.


She has appeared in every episode of every ben 10 series currently. (She is a main charackter)


She is part anodite part human which means that she is biologicly human but her essence or otherwise her soul,her life force is 100% anodite. That allows her to control mana and energy on a vast scale. Since anodites are being intirely made out of mana and infinite energy. Also since she is part human she lacks a lot of her anodite abilites but she ultilizes most of the anodite abilities through spells and incantations.Her grandmother is one of the most powerful anodites in the universe. Her cousin sunny is full anodite and she hates gwen a lot, she is way more powerful then gwen. Ben is also part anodite but not all have the spark for the powers of an anodite. But if he learned a lot of Spells he may of unlocked his inner anodite powers. Gwen is 17 years old.


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