Fan Fiction

Gwon Gyeok Do Super Warriors is yet another Power Rangers-related fanfiction from Itz Güd Productions. What makes this one different from other ones such as Go Go B-Champions and its successor B-Champions Excellion is that Sean Bridges is planning to make it into a homemade "movie"!

Plot and Character Details[]

Little has been planned for GGDSW, save for the following:

  • There will be three of the title characters, named Riley, Dan, and Amy Jo.
  • The three characters will "pilot" an unnamed "giant" "robot".
  • The villains will also be robots, named Boxbot, Clawbot, and Doug.
  • In the finale, Boxbot will revive Jung Do-Mo and convince him that the Super Warriors have brought disgrace to the art of Gwon Gyeok Do.
  • Friends of the creator's from his 6th Grade class will be cast as characters.
  • So that the cast members will not have to go through the process of learning Gwon Gyeok Do, the creator will look for people ages 9-13 who are skilled in Gwon Gyeok Do or any other Asian martial art.