Gypsy's quest poster.png
A Bug's Life 2: Gypsy's Quest
Written by Rutiani58
Narrated by
Starring Gypsy

Francis Heimlich Flik

Music Randy Newman
Release date(s) (W.I.P)
Fanfiction Rating K+
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Gypsy's Quest (also known as A Bug's Life 2: Gypsy's Quest) is a Fan fiction sequel to the Disney/Pixar film A Bug's Life. It centers around Gypsy longing to see her old boyfriend Antonio the armadillo ant with the help of Francis, Heimlich, Flik, and the circus bugs. It is written by Rutiani58.


Gypsy and the circus bugs journey to Egypt to find Antonio after hearing of Manny's evil plan. But when they get exiled to Laredo Texas, they will need as much help as far as fate is concerned.


  • Gypsy
  • Francis
  • Flik
  • Heimlich


  • Adventure
  • Romance


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