Heartfilia Macpoodle in 5 signature styles

This is the Outfit page for Heartfilia Macpoodle, featuring information and detailed descriptions on all the outfits she wore throughout the series. Heartfilia has 5 original outfits she usually wore throughout the series of animated videos and audio clips.

The style and color scheme of Heartfilia's attire remained mostly consistent throughout the series. Her outfits may look attractive and breathtaking, but the most important thing for Heartfilia to wear a correct outfit is they are notable for her safety and protection from getting hurt, catching a cold and all sorts of problems. Her color scheme consists of various shades of purple, pink, red, blue, black and white.

Original Outfits


Heartfilia (Joko-Zuno) 25.png

For this outfit, Heartfilia wears a purple winter hat, coat and trousers, a dark purple belt and gloves and a pair of violet knee-high leather boots.

Night out

Heartfilia (Joko-Zuno 6).png

For this outfit, she wears a red long dress and shoes.


Heartfilia (Joko-Zuno 7).png

For this outfit, she wears a peachish red shirt, a dark brown skirt, a brown leather belt and pair of knee-high leather boots and gold bracelet.


Heartfilia (Joko-Zuno 14).png

For this outfit, she wears a white and red polo t-shirt, a red cap, a pair of shorts and a pair of knee-high converses.


Heartfilia (Joko-Zuno) 35.png

For this outfit, she wears a pink dress, a dark pink jacket, a pair of black knee-high leather boots and a dark red handbag.

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