Heavenly Successor of The Original God: The Return & Rise of The Greater YHVH & The New Supreme Infinite True Dragon King God Emperor, The Original Infinite Dragon God & The Original True Dragon God Emperor is a fan fiction crossover story.

it is actually a Neon Genesis Evangelion / High School DxD crossover story.


He is the ultimate fail-safe created to restore the soon to be broken balance of the world. As The Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, he redeemed humanity. As The Angel Slayer Shinji Ikari, he redeemed the entire world. Now as The Greater YHVH Emmanuel. He shall redeem Heaven & The Earth and Show The enemies of the light the truly immense might of The Christian Heaven & The Heavenly Angels.

He will not do it alone. He shall be joined by The older sisters of The Infinite Dragon God & The True Dragon of Dragons: Irina Raziel & Milla Red.


Fallen Angels


Seven Great Satans

  • Sirzechs Lucifer
  • Katerea Leviathan
  • Ajuka Beelzebub
  • Fabium Asmodeus
  • Serafall Mammon
  • Naruto Satan
  • Roygun Belphegor


Mythological Factions / Supernatural Deities

Mount Olympus









Other Creatures

Alternate Version

Demonic Descendant of The Original Lucifer: The Return & Rise of The 7th Great Satan & The New Supreme Infinite True Dragon King God Emperor--The Strongest Devil Dragon King God Emperor, The Original Infinite Dragon God & The Original True Dragon


  • Naruto is a descendant of the original Lucifer. He fought for the Anti Satan Faction as one of its supreme commanders. Naruto gained the title of Satan.
  • Naruto is a Super Devil like Sirzechs & Ajuka.
  • Kushina is the older sister of Rizevim Livan Lucifer.
  • Emmanuel improved Heaven & The Church during his 10 years as The New God. Emmanuel wields The True Longinus.
  • King Haiku fused himself with Emmanuel after he became The New God. Emmanuel gained Haiku's vast knowledge and immeasurable strength.
  • Irina & Millia took care of Shinji and raised him to be strong to save the world and give humanity a second chance.
  • Emmanuel fought and wons the Tournament of Gods and became the strongest god in existence of The GxG (God of Gods).
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