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Henry J. Smek is the secondary antagonist of Brendam 2 and a supporting character in Brendam: There and Back Again. He is the former only servant of Bernard and the lieutenant and sidekick of General Carlos E. Carlos. He is clam, backstabbing, sarcastic, bad, ruthless, sneaky, friendly, streetwise, funny, sweet, grumpy, fatherly, cool, whiny, selfish, negative, sly, nice, sweet-tempered, laid-back, lazy and greedy. His fate is gets banished by Toto at the first part of the climax of the film.

He is first seen at the third scene where he is seen telling Carlos that Bernard is the nicest of them all. Carlos is jealous and sends Bernard away. Smek was sad. Smek is later seen at the eighth scene of the film wondering if Bernard is dead yet. At the climax, Smek calls Bernard and tells him his secret. After his call, he tells Carlos that he did as he told him, trick Bernard and be on his team. At the final battle with Smek, Smek explains his plan, “When Master Bernard comes, I’ll stop him.” Bernard and the Guardians comes to defeat Smek. Bernard fights his servant. Smek gets hit in the head by a golf ball. Toto pushes a button on his remote control and a portal opens. Smek falls to a desert and is unseen again.


  • Smek is similar to Max Shreck:
    • Both are servants of the main villain (Carlos and Catwoman)
    • Both are friends of the hero (Bernard and Batman)
    • Both later betray the hero and leave them for the dead
    • Both become partners to the main villains' sidekick (Prince John and the Penguin)
    • Both vanish into thin air in the film's climax (Smek is banished and Schrek gets killed by Catwoman)


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