Heroines Connection (ヒロイン繋がり?) is a type of parody.

About (Microsoft Translation)

In soaked from several Main Heroine (Female Protagonist) in a variety of genres such as "Comic", "Anime", "Game", and "Novel" is identical in character. Seen many parodies such as co-star of the main heroine is the same character and costume change, words and parody a drama, let's say.

About (Google Translation)

"Comic", "Anime", "Game", "Novel" is a parody in which the Main Heroine (Female Protagonist) of various genres were enmeshed multiple characters are the same, such as. The main heroine is played and costumes change of the same character each other, tried to say the name of dialogue and parody specific words, parody etc. Many seen.

For example ...

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