Hidden Chronicles: The Video Game is a crossover video game for Playstation 3 - XBox - and Nintendo Wii. It is based on Hidden Chronicles.


Months after Winnie the Pooh returned from The Pride Lands on his last adventure - Rita the Fox met him. She used to have adventures with him over the years. They discover the burnt 100 Acre Wood - Pooh's House now deserted and vines all over the roof. Owl Rabbit and Friar Tuck came and they explained to Pooh and Rita that Tigger is missing and has been captured by Cat R. Waul.

Pooh and Rita meet Po the Panda and The Furious Five and They joined up with the two to find Tigger. The heroes fought their way through the burnt forest and they got to Toontown. They found Tigger locked in a cage and helped him escape. After the heroes returned to the forest - Cat R. Waul found Rita and told her he was responsible for sending Lotso to destroy Pooh. But the scheme failed and now he wanted revenge. He captured Rita and took her to The Stone Aged Castle. Tigress came to save her and they both fought their way through Cat R. Waul's henchmen.

That evening - Dr. Schultz from the labs of Nimh came and he sent some of his men to capture Rita and Tigeress. Although they forgot to put out their campfire - Rita and Tigeress defeated the scientists of Nimh and escaped to a mountain where Dr. Schultz fought with them.

After defeating Dr. Schultz - The Furious Five returned to China and rain came pouring down all around the burnt forest. The Circle of Life continues.

  • Playable Characters

  • Rita
  • Tigeress
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Po the Panda
  • Tigger

  • Levels

  • 100 Acre Wood
  • Toontown
  • The Stone Aged Castle
  • Burnt Forest
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