Hien Hou'ou Kyaku is a Kick Attack of the Art of Fighting 2.


Yuri Sakazaki's representative super deadly technique (hidden super deadly technique) that he has used since he made his debut as a player character in "Art of Fighting 2" (1994). I jumped (or Dash) to Enemy, hit Kick to run up Enemy's Body, and jumped to Last and Back. Actually, Pose during the technique is significantly different depending on the game, one that runs Enemy's Body while swinging the Hand in a forward leaning posture to run, one that repeatedly kicks Kick while leaning against the back of the Hand, leaning Body to Side There are several types of variations, such as those that fire Kick. Also, the last blow depends on the amount of title and gauge, such as jumping to Back without doing anything, chasing with Raioh Ken, chasing with Jump Kick or a hammer punch with both arms down.

Also, only the MAX version of “KOF99” to “KOF2001” will perform with the Enemy pointing down at the camera and pointing down after the technique.


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