High Touch is a song sung by Ash and Dawn in Opening the Door-a into Team Rocket


Both: Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey!
Dawn: We fight, make up, and then we fight again
There are a lot of things I want to say to you
But foremost...
"Thanks for being here for me!"
Ash: Companions in this journey, compassion in the world
I pretend to understand those things, but
The truth is...
"I'm happy you're here for me!"
Dawn: Nice Partner!
Ash: Nice Rival!
Dawn: I'll push you forward
Ash: I'll pull you back
Both: The sun seems so dazzling when I look up at it
Hey Hey Hey!
If it all goes well, let's high five!
Hey Hey Hey!
If we're feeling down, we'll come right back!
As long as we are together
Ash: I will not give up so easily! GO GO GO!

Both: Hey Hey Hey!
It all went well, so let's high five!
Hey Hey Hey!
Shake hands with our opponent in battle
As long as we're together
Ash: We can go even further than before! GO GO GO!

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