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Kari is a seven year old humanic alien with pink eyes copyrighted by Punk Puppy3. She is half Tamaranean and half Anodite with all the abilites, she is also very smart for her age. She made her first ever debut on Total Drama Cartoon in Some A Maze Ing Stuff We Must Do Today. Her arch nemesis is Braxon. She also has three tongues, has anger issues and is a bit of a tomboy. She is also a short-term superhero named White Star, and a member of a team which is the super hero team lead by Mac. In Back At The Junkyard, she accidently reveals her full name and gets her own Lyoko form. Kari and Cream argue about the existence of magic, however in the end of Quite Charming, she read a spell book secretly. As of The Life And Times Of Bounty Hunting Braxon, Chomper is the only one that knows she uses magic. In another story, Kari is a member of Ben's team called the International Heroes. She is shown to have 31 Pokemon in The Life And Times Of Bounty Hunting Braxon. She hates Ghost-types because they keep sleuthing through her stuff. Before going to hurt someone, she tells somebody to hold her back in order to prevent it. Her first ever human friend was Prof. Juniper.


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