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Hip Attack (ヒップアタック?) is a One of Professional Wrestling Arts.

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on Pixiv overwhelming many illustrations of the female characters. Cowgirl, all of a sudden things have usually turned away from opponents in the State. Can be used in real wrestling. Typical users include Shiro koshinaka, and players often use a comedic wrestler, but seriously hip attack to its flagship (but is the science and technology person "brother Sr.(Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero) from ripped" and coming out). Also among the old pro baseball fans known as the combo attack shot from some professional baseball players Brawl when bat against pitcher throwing.

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Overwhelmingly of female characters illustrations in Pixiv often. Normally, but the state with its back to the other party alone, those of cowgirl, there are also those that attack by two people. Also used in the real wrestling. While it is often comical wrestler use, serious even cage players and leading the hip attack, typical Shiro Koshinaka can be cited as a consumer (However, Etchu person in question, "Chavo Guerrero, Sr. (of Eddie Guerrero one are coming out from his brother) on the turn was Tsu Park, "he said). Also certain professional baseball players, also known among professional baseball Old fan the bat during the brawl as a combo attack on goal from the throwing to the other pitcher.

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