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Hip Drop (ヒップ・ドロップ?) is a One of Professional Wrestling Arts.

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Batting skills to attack the fallen opponent to fall from his Hip. It is referred to as an ass down also. Heavier and increase the power, but, sometimes resulting in a nasty blow to the coccyx Improper landing point was mistaken bombing. It technique, also commonly used in games work, but many of performing rapid fall ignoring the physical laws. In Pixiv, example as a woman there are many illustrations that are using this technique.

About (Google Translation)

Attacking the fallen opponent to fall out of my Hip hitting technique. Also known as butt off. Sometimes end up banging the coccyx by bombing the power to increase the heavier the weight, the touchdown point and. Tend to do was ignore the laws of physics is a technique commonly used in video games, including the rapid fall. Pixiv is as usual many women with this illustration.


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