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Hollywood World (ハリウッドの冒険 Hollywood Adventures) is a 2010 televison series that is spun-off from the show Crackers or Wackers. Based off of the thirty second episode of Crackers or Wackers, the gang hits Hollywood, California and meets new friends. Meanwhile, Diego and Dawn's relationship is still going strong, The Girls With Glasses have retired, and the hosts of the Total Drama series, Chris Mclean and Chef Hatchet, finally make an appearance. The first five seasons was rated TV-PG (TV-PG-D in a few episodes), but as time progressed, the plot became more serious, and the rating was upgraded to TV-14 when Season 6 premiered, and remained that way until the last episode, which aired on March 26, 2013. On August 15, 2015, a sequel series called Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey started airing.


Season 1[]

We Will Be The Movies
Cartoons vs. Aliens
Attack of the 50 foot Carly
Lindsay and the Waffle Factory
The Mighty Isabella!
Karate Katie
I Go To Russia
Zoey 202
Riot on the Olympics
Despicable Us
Gives You Hell-O?
The Awards

Season 2[]

Short Films of the guys
Dude, We're Getting The Best Friends Back Together!
Teresa Movie
The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot
Take Me and My Breath Away
Penny's Commercial
Alejandro and Vanessa
Take Us Away
Not Always....
The Beginning of the Season Finale
Stay oh Wait
The Hollywood Chainsaw Massacre
The Pokémon battle of a lifetime

Season 3[]

Izzy Or Isn't She On Vacation?
Launch Time
Journey to the Center of Isabella
Once Tried
I Missed You
Not Artificial Intelligence
Totally Dramatic
Put Your Mystries On
Sponge X
Togepi Evolves
Travel to Sinnoh
Coming From You Again
What Hurted The Most

Season 4[]

Mysteryous Misdreavus
Across The Second Ceremony
Brian and the Pushydogs
The BFFFL Adventure of Katie and Sadie
Opening the Door-a into Team Rocket
Lyra, the Matchmaker Mess
Dudley Puppy, On the Pokemon Case
Christmas Special
This Is Love
The Story of the Trade
Foxy Jessie
Dee Dee Dee Dee

Season 5[]

Closing in on a Friendship
Grass Delicious
Fighting Monsters with Pocket Monsters
Togekiss's Goodbye
Team Team Galactic and Team Rocket!
Fight with Teamwork!
Win All Together Now
Sudden Death Battle!
Triple Battles, Triple Threats!
Chimchar My Baby
Chim Training
What The Heck?
Life as a Trainer + Vampire Part 1
Life as a Trainer + Vampire Part 2

Season 6[]

The Movie of Ritsu Tainaka
The Pokemon of Ritsu Tainaka
The First Battle of Ritsu Tainaka
Yokai High
Victini and the Bright Hero: Isabella
Revenge of the Scott
Full Moon de hakken
The Dissappearance of Tsumugi Kotobuki
Burgundy's Revenge
Mitsuki's Dilemma
Eternal Blizzard
Courtney, the Coordinator of the Waters!
The Last Stage

Season 7[]

Yukari is Thunder
Rock and Roll Prince
Powerpuff Girls K
Love is War
Mischievous Kiss
Hollywood Host Club
Powerpuff Mermaid Moon
The Teleportation of Zero
Handsome vs. Handsome vs. Handsome vs. Cute
Go Dawn Go
Hollywood Arts + Vampire
The Return of the Light Music Club! Part 1
The Return of the Light Music Club! Part 2

Season 8[]

Puella Magi Iris Magica
Iris's Confession
The Power of All Magical Girls
Axew Is Found!
Death Overshadows Us
Is There a Way to Save You?
Homura Akemi, Back as a Pokemon Trainer!
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 1
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 2
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 3
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 4
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 5
Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! The Final Battle
The Final Scene


Ash-Izzy Relationship
Ash-May Relationship
Alejandro-Vanessa Relationship
Baljeet-Katie Relationship
Brock-Stacy Relationship
Diego-Dawn Relationship
Diego-Ursula Relationship
Ezekiel-Miyako Relationship
Finn-Charlotte Relationship
Greg-Isabella Relationship
Justin-Gardenia Relationship
Lightning-Yukari Relationship
Phineas-Teresa Relationship
Scott-Tsumugi Relationship
Trent-Sam Relationship


Duncan-Isabella Friendship
Iris-Homura Friendship
SpongeBob-Sadie Friendship
Teresa-Courtney Friendship
Teresa-Dawn Friendship
Isabella-Typhlosion Friendship


Isabella-Courtney Conflict

Series Production[]

Hollywood World had originally been planned to end on September 4, 2010 to start porduction on Total Cartoon Teams. But public outcry and the unpopular Total Cartoon Teams' ratings forced production to restart on December 18, 2010 (despite the fact that Total Cartoon Teams continued). Hollywood World's ratings have gotten stronger since. It is filmed on location in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Anaheim, California. However, Dudley Puppy, On the Pokemon Case was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The series later went on hiatus on June 10, 2011 due to the creator taking a leave, but now she's returned, and the year-long hiatus ended on September 3, 2012, when Chim Training finally premiered. Filming ended on October 29, 2012, and the final episode, The Final Scene, premiered on March 26, 2013.


It was received well among critics, and it has a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.




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Insert Songs[]

Real Songs[]

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These songs are only performed in this series, with lyrics written by IchokaSuzumi666.

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Background Music[]

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