Holy Blade Zero UXP: The Great War Between Heaven & The Underworld- Supreme Clash Between The Warriors Of God & Lucifer For The Fate Of Earth & The Entire Universe, Absolute Peace & Freedom or Total Dominance & Destruction is a fan fictional media story focusing on The Great War between The Angels & Devils for control of Earth & the universe.

This is a massive semi-crossover franchise, it is also a video game series just like Kingdom Hearts, also a movie series & television too.

The alternate titles for this story is call Spirit Blade Mega Surge: Protectors of the Sipernatural World & Spirit Blade X-Storm Infinity: The Great Masters / Defenders of the Universe.


The never ending war between The Angels & The Demons lasted for8,000 on planet Earth. This war gave many casulties to both sides including the near destruction of their great nations: Heaven & The Underworld & their beloved leaders: The Almighty Christian God & The 7 Great Satans. The war still continues on through their successors. 10 incredibly strong Seraphs take over as The new Leaders of Heaven with Archangels Neo-Queen Serenity & Michael. 7 powerful Devils with powers that are equal or superior to the Original Satans, but do not have their blood took over as the new leaders of The Devils with Queen Sarenia & Sirzechs Lucifer. These warriors lead their armies to battle throughout the ages. Now the battle still continues on Earth during the 21st century. No side has claimed victory yet.

This war has lasted a lot longer than The Cybertronian Civil War between The Heroic Autobots & The Evil Decepticons, the Transformers have formed an alliance with the Angels & Demons to one up each other. The Transformers & Spirit Soliders are in for a entire universe full of adventures. The Decepticons & Devils want to enslave humanity unless The Autobots & Angels are willing to stand in their way. The Angels & Autobots absolutely refuse to Earth fall to the same fate as as Cybertron & Heaven and vowed to protect the Earth from evil no matter what.



  • God from The Bible
  • Lady Lilith


  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Uriel
  • Sachiel
  • Sailor Cosmos / Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Naonha Takamachi
  • Fate Testarossa Harlaown
  • Raguel
  • Metatron
  • Sandalphon
  • Sariel
  • Kaizaiel

Ophanims / Thrones

  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Uranus
  • Sailor Neptune
  • Sailor Pluto
  • Sailor Saturn
  • Sailor Earth
  • Sailor Sun
  • Sailor Starlight
  • Sailor Nemsis


  • Sailor Kakyuu
  • Sailor Star Fighter
  • Sailor Star Maker
  • Sailor Star Healer

Virtues / Strongholds

  • Tai Kamiya & Agumon
  • Matt Ishida & Gabumon
  • Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon
  • Izzy Izumi & Tentomon
  • Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon
  • Joe Kido & Gomamon
  • Tk Takaishi & Patamon
  • Kari Kamiya & Gatomon
  • Sam Ichijouji & Bearmon
  • Jun Motomiya & Lopmon
  • Shiro Yamamoto & Dracomon
  • Rei Saiba & Lunamon
  • Kiyo Yamamoto & Leomon
  • Angie Hinamoto & Ogremon

Demigods / Angel Hybrids

Prinipalities / Rulers

Authorities / Powers

  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Sailor Singularity
  • Sailor Comet
  • Sailor Polarius
  • Sailor Nebula
  • Sailor Nova Proxima
  • Sailor Diamond Dust
  • Sailor Kinmoku
  • Sailor Selenium
  • Sailor Rainbow Prism




  • Neo-Queen Serenity / Sailor Cosmos
  • Michael

Brave Saints


Primes / Autobot Supreme Commanders

  • Optimus Prime
  • Solarflare Prime
  • Lunar Prime
  • Alpha Trion
  • King Maximo
  • Maxima Prime
  • Venomus Prime
  • Rawthorn Prime








Cybertron Elite Guard

The 9

Female Autobots






Television Series


Video Games


  • Serenity & Michael are Archangels because they possess a grand total of 12 golden wings making both insanely powerful.
  • Serenity weilds The Legendary All Powerful Holy Sword of Arthurian Legend: Excalibur.
  • The Angels & Devils created The Brave Saint & Evil Piece system to recuit other races into their ranks.
  • Nanoha & Fate are Serenity's stidents, she trained them to harness their power and have achieve Seraph class status.
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