Holy Celestial Of The Moon & The Heavens, Return Of The Legendary Sailor Soldiers Of Light is a fan fictional tretelling of the anime series, Sailor Moon.

This story includes more about the past of The Silver Millenium along with some hidden secrets about the Kingdom that will be surface.

new additional feature are included like upgrades to The Sailor Soldier Uniform, New Weapons, New Powers & Abilities, and New Allies & Enemies.


During the glorius age Of The Silver millenium, the universe is at absolute peace, unitl The Dark Kingdom, lead by Queen Beryl & Queen Metalia attacked the majestic Moon Kingdom with the help of Prince Endymion & The Earth Kingdom. Queen Selenity was able to seal away the evil kingdom after they destoryed her kingdom with the power of The Imperium Silver Crystal. The Queen advised Luna, Artemis, & Sailor Pluto when the other senshi are reborn on Earth; They are to train the other Sailors to battle The Dark Kingdom if they break the seal. The Queen sende her daughter, Princess Serenity to Heaven to train her in being a Sailor Soldier to help her court fight, with the power of the Heavens.

Sailor Soldiers

Solar System Sailor Scouts

  • Sailor Celestia / Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Jupier
  • Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Uranus
  • Sailor Neptune
  • Sailor Pluto
  • Sailor Saturn


Television Series

Sailor Moon Series

  • Sailor Moon Classic: Return Of The Sailor Scouts
  • Sailor Moon R: Battle Of Light & Dark, Into The Future
  • Sailor Moon S: Hearts Of Purity & Infinity,Fight For What We Believe In
  • Sailor Moon Super S: Golden Dream Protectors, Battle For The Dreams Of Eeryone
  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Light Of Hope, Shine Through The Darkness


  • Usagi was trained in Heaven Kingdom & became Sailor Celestia before she returned to Earth to reunite with her court.
  • Sailor Pluto, Luna, & Artemis were put in Cryostasis & sent to Earth, They adopted the other Sailors & trained them to Their Super Sailor level.
  • Usagi is more leader-like in the tv series. She shall even inheirit Queen Selenity's crown to become The New Queen Of The White Moon Kingdom in the second season.
  • Queen Selenity shall be passing her crown onto Usagi since she has gained the power of a Queen during her trainning in Heaven.
  • Serenity was not in love with Prince Endymion, instead she rejected him as a suitor; She is engaged to Prince Apollo Of The Sun Kingdom.
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