Holy Zero Blade Neon Genesis- Alpha / Omega Imperial Divinity Primordial Beast God / Divine Dragon Galaxy Star Infinity UXP X-Storm: The Legacy Of The Strongest & Most Powerful Ancient Beings In The Supernatural World & The Infinite Multi-Universal Plains . is a supernatural & religious Fifth massive multi-crossover fan fiction media franchise.


Sylvan Empire / Luster Kingdom


Fallen Angels



Other Mythological Dieties / Other Major Supernatural Factions


Sonic Heroes

Battle Brawlers

Section 13 & The J-Team

Keyblade Order Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darknesss

Time-Space Administration Bureau / T. S. A. B.


Tv Shows


Video Games


  • Nanoah Takamachi is the daughter of Lina Inverse, she is vastly powerful & she is capiable of being a greater sorceress than her mother.
  • Serena is the reincarnation of God From The Bible; Leader Of The Angels, she has all his knowledge & vast amounts of power. She has 12 golden angel wings.
  • Rias is the reincarnation of The Great King Lucifer; Leader Of The Devils, she possess all his knowledge & vast amounts of power. She has 12 black devil wings.
  • Medaka is one of the original leaders of The Fallen Angels, she is as powerful as Azazel, she has 12 jet black fallen angel wings.
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