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Hopelessly Lost is the second project begun by the Eyrie Productions Unlimited crew. It has a tenative connection with Undocumented Features in that it follows Gryphon and Megazone after they meet with their creations in the third UF core story, Out in the Cold.

There have been four stories written so far.

  • 1.1 (Unnamed) - Gryphon, Megazone, and ReRob appear suddenly in Worcestor in August of 1992 after walking into the light. They find themselves in a slightly different timeline then expected with more advanced technology. Fast foward to December of 1993 when Gryphon and Megazone are once again teleported across dimensions, this time to MegaTokyo Japan in February of 2032. This dimension contains a company known as GENOM which produces the artificial lifeforms known as Buma. It also contains the Knight Sabers which are constantly fighting against Genom.
  • 1.2: Midnight Storm - The story continues with Gryphon and Megazone helping the Knight Sabers to end GENOM's attempt at world takeover.
  • 1.3: Stark Fist - The story takes a different turn by following Gryphon during a trip across the US to Worcestor for a vacation. Of course nothing goes as it should as Gryphon picks up a female hitchhiker named Dana who is on the run from GENOM after stealing some secret research plans.
  • 1.4: Calm Before - This story continues where 1.3 left off with Gryphon in Worcestor continuing his vacation by acting on the data that Dana left him after she stole it from GENOM.

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