(Theme Song)

It’s the next generation in LazyTown, New tasks every day, Things are upside down here in LazyTown, Adventures just a minute away!

(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Valerie Narrating: “Human-Puppet”

(Cuts to Pixel and Stingy)

Stingy: Can I play now?

Pixel: No Stingy, you got to wait your turn!

Stingy: That turn is mine!

Pixel: Do you have to claim everything that’s not yours?

Stingy: Yes! Because it’s mine!

(Stingy tries to take the handheld video game)

(The device flies in the air)

(Cuts to Sportacus)

(Sportacus’s crystal beeps)

Sportacus: Someone is in trouble!

(Sportacus does his signature move and runs)

(Cuts to a small rock near a sportscandy tree)

(Sportacus runs to catch the device)

Pixel: Thanks!

Sportacus: You should work out sometime!

(Sportacus tries to give Pixel the device but Stingy Swipes it)

Stingy: Thank You!

Pixel: He’d never do this to me!

(Sportacus crystal Beeps)

Sportacus: Someone’s in trouble!

(Sportacus does signature move)

(Sportacus runs)

(Cuts to Milford Rolling in the Garbage Can on the wat to the pool)

(Sportacus dives into Stingy’s 4-8 ft swimming pool)

(Sportacus catches Milford)

(Sportacus comes out of the pool and frees Milford)

Milford: Thank you Sportacus! I ran into a garbage can.

Stephanie: We’re glad your safe!

Trixie: No fair!

Stephanie: What does she mean by no fair?

Stingy: We puppets are the only one getting into trouble! While you Sportacus and Stephanie save the day as human!

Stephanie: I’m sorry to hear this.

Sportacus: But you look beautiful just the way you are. And jealousy is not the answer.

Stingy: Humph!

Stephanie: Poor kids. I wish they were humans like us

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: That gives me an Idea! I can have the humans switch forms with the puppets. And instead of Sportacus rescuing people, Sportacus will be in trouble! It would be funny Sportacus getting into trouble like the mayor frequently.

(Robbie Rotten builds a form swapper machine)

Robbie Rotten: With this form swapping device, I will swap Sportaloon’s form into a puppet.

(Robbie presses the green button)

(Swapping machine functions)

(Cuts to Stephanie and Sportacus)

Stephanie: I need some sportscandy.

(Stephanie and Sportacus turns into a puppet)

(Stephanie looks at herself and the pigeons get scared and fly away)

(Cuts to Stingy)

Stingy: I wish I was human instead!

Ziggy: Maybe It will be better, so we don’t get into trouble!

(Stingy and Ziggy turns into humans)

Stingy: Amazing! We’re humans!

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: I hope this works!

(Robbie Rotten turns into a Puppet)

Robbie Rotten: What? It also affects me?

(Cuts to Valerie)

Valerie: I need to study this US History test! I know nothing about United States.

(Stephanie enters the room freaking out and looking at the mirror)

Valerie: Stephanie! I’m so sorry! I had to be comfortable!

Stephanie: Valerie you gotta help me! Wait! Why are you not a puppet like me and Sportacus?

Valerie: Puppet? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Explain.

Stephanie: After we saved my uncle, I turned into this. I’m afraid if I tell a lie I might end up like Pinocchio having a big nose. And uncle Milford is Human. I don’t know what to do! You gotta help me please!

Valerie: Slow down! Pinocchio is only a fairy tale! And I don’t believe in fairy tales! Because they’re not real. Now, Enough nonsense. Ziggy is a puppet. Have you seen his nose grow big?

Stephanie: No! But, Look at me.

(Valerie examines Stephanie)

Valerie: No strings, soft mushy skin though. You are a puppet. Maybe an electromagnetic wave must have caused this. I’m still human though.

Stephanie: Maybe you’re not a resident of LazyTown for at least a year?

Valerie: Could be. But we still need to get to the bottom of this! But you need to do something for me in return! You gotta help me study this US History test.

Stephanie: Okay, what is it about?

Valerie: Martin Luther King.

Stephanie: I have heard of him. It’s a deal.

(Cuts to Milford and Bessie Busybody)

Bessie Busybody: Well look at you handsome! I would like to go out on a date with you!

Milford: Oh, that’s a wonderful Idea Ms. Busybody. Maybe to an Italian restaurant.

Bessie Busybody: Can we kiss?

Valerie: Just to let you know, the audience don’t want to see that!

Stephanie: Come on Valerie!

(Cuts to the small rock near the sportscandy tree)

Stephanie: I contacted him and told him to meet us here.

Pixel: Oh, Hey Stephanie! Hey Valerie!

Stephanie: The electromagnetic waves turned you into human?

Trixie: Yes! Now we feel safe and happy.

Pixel: And look.

(Pixel does super cyclone)

Pixel: My karate tricks are getting stronger!

(Sportacus enters)

(Sportacus accidentally bumps into the rock)

(Pixel saves Sportacus)

Sportacus: What’s wrong with this town? Is it going crazy?

Stephanie: Kind of.

Valerie: You should be the one being careful.

Sportacus: At least you’re not a puppet like me and Stephanie.

Valerie: Stop talking! I’m sensing something.

(Valerie senses something under the rock)

(Valerie picks up the rock)

(Stephanie gasps)

Stephanie: It can’t be!

(Shows the spell book with a 2 on it)

(Valerie picks the spell book up)

Valerie: That is one spooky book.

Spell Book Whispering: This book was meant for you! Find the 1st one!

(Valerie receives dark magic)

Valerie: This book is making me tougher.

Stephanie: We have a chance to get to the bottom of this!

Valerie: The book is telling me Robbie Rotten is behind this!

Stephanie and Sportacus: I should have known!

Trixie: That Guy again!

Valerie: We must change you back to your normal state.

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: Why did the machine turn me into a puppet? Maybe an error? Wait! I need to find out!

(Robbie takes out his spell book)

Sportacus: So, it’s true!

Stephanie: Your responsible for this!

Valerie: Don’t forget that I have the other half of your power!

(Valerie shows Robbie her spell book)

Robbie Rotten: The Second Book? That’s Impossible!

Valerie: You could have used your knowledge from that book to find this. But it’s too late!

(Valerie Puts on her superhero mask)

(Valerie uses her spell book to create a rope to touch the swap button)

(Everyone in LazyTown goes back to their normal state)

(Stephanie puts on her superhero mask)

Stephanie: Let’s destroy that machine!

Valerie: Alright!

(Valerie creates so many ice shurikens)

Stephanie: That is way more shurikens than she normally creates!

(Valerie throws the surikens at the machine and touches the self-destruct button)

(Swapper machine blows up)

Robbie Rotten: Your gonna pay for that!

(Robbie shows Valerie his spell book)

(Valerie uses her spell book to get the other book off Robbie’s hands)

Stephanie: Quick! Get the book!

(Robbie and Valerie goes after Spell book #1)

Sportacus: Wait!

Valerie: Huh?

Sportacus: It’s a trap!

(Robbie picks up the book)

Robbie Rotten: Got it!

(Robbie uses his book and punches Valerie to turn her into a puppet)

Stephanie: Valerie!

Robbie Rotten: I call that, The Cursed Punch!

Stephanie: That’s it!

(Stephanie uses her lightning powers on Robbie to electrocute him)

Valerie: I’m a puppet, am I?

Trixie: Yes, you are!

Pixel: Don’t worry. Touch Robbie’s book to turn yourself back!

Valerie: Sportacus hold my book!

(Valerie throws the book at Sportacus and Sportacus catches it)

(Valerie touches Robbie’s spell book)

(Valerie turns back into human)

Valerie: Thank You. And I hope you didn’t over shock Robbie.

Stephanie: He is just blacked out temporary. On the bright side, you’re in your normal state.

(Your Beautiful Just the way you are is playing, And Stephanie is singing it)

(Cut’s to Stephanie’s House)

Stephanie: I guess it’s time to help you with your Martin Luther King test?

Valerie: Well, Since I have the spell book, it gave me wisdom. It had me go beyond my super knowledge. So I’m letting you free.

Stephanie: Thanks.

(Bing Bang starts)

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Funny words I say when I am Dancing! Bing Bang Digerigerdong! Silly words that can mean anything! Get on up it’s time to dance yeah! It’s so much fun being up on the feet! So, we go up, up, Do the jump! Move around and clap your hands together! Down, down Turn around! Having fun is what it’s all about!”

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten’s Layer)

Robbie Rotten: None of this would have happen if that weaboo didn’t came to LazyTown. One day I will get my hands on that 2nd spell book.

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