Episode Episode Title Plot
1 Aku Returns from the Shadows. An Unspeakable Evil Unleashed in Townsville!

(影からアクを返します。タウンズビルに驚愕悪突撃!, Kage Kara Aku o Kaeshimasu. Taunzubiru ni Kyōgaku Aku Totsugeki!)

2 The Final Quest Begins. Unite Everyone to Defeat Aku.

(最後のクエストが開始されます。アクを倒すために皆を結合。, Saigo no Kuesuto ga Kaishi sa Remasu. Aku o Taosu tame ni Mina o Ketsugō.)

3 A Resurrected Murderer. Diane Simmons.

(復活人殺し。ダイアン・シモンズ。, Fukkatsu Shinkoroshi. Daian Shimonzu.)

With the Torrentuff Animals separated to find help, Stu Griffin agrees to join up with Link, in the guise of Neil Nissim.

Elsewhere, HIM, an old enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, resurrects a fifteen-year-dead murderer, former Quahog Channel 5 News anchorwoman Diane Simmons, who wants revenge on Stu Griffin for murdering her, since, in her death, she knew from Satan that Stu killed her, but couldn't wonder why an infant would murder an adult. Now that she's glad to be resurrected, she could no longer stand the torment of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, who died at the hands of an African-American senior citizen by accident.

The first order of business for Diane would be to shoot down Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams, and Joyce Kinney. With that taken care of, Diane searches for Stu until he suddenly makes eye-contact with her. Stu, realizing, gasps in horror to see Diane alive. Diane begins to tell him how it felt since he killed her, fifteen years ago. Link searches for Stu.

4 Farewell, Stu Griffin. Lois is the Next Target.

(さようなら、スチュー・グリフィン。ロイスは、次のターゲットです。, Sayōnara, Suchū Gurifin. Roisu wa, Sugi no Tāgetto desu.)

Diane, her story told to Stu, shoots and fatally wounds Stu in front of Link (who transforms into his monster form to save him). Diane tries to shoot Link, but she soon figures out that he is immortal. Back in his human guise, Link informs the Griffins and Hisui that Stu has been gunned down. When the Griffins arrive in the hospital, Stu tells his mother Lois that his shooter is Diane Simmons, and, with his last words, that she is coming for her next. With that, Stu dies. Lois cries in anguish over her now-dead youngest son. Peter comforts her.

Diane tells HIM that phase one is complete, and that it won't be long before she kills Lois.

Link reveals his monster form to Peter and Lois and tells them not to get scared over it. He plans to kill Diane in revenge for Stu's murder. Lois informs him to make Diane rue the day she murdered Stu.

5 Link's Anger. Battle for Revenge!

(リンクの怒り。復讐の戦い!, Rinku no Ikari. Fukushū no Tatakai!)

Diane has finally arrived at the Griffin house, with a bullet-filled gun, ready to kill Lois Griffin, the mother of Stu Griffin, whom she just killed. Inside the house, Link informs Peter to protect Lois, even at all costs. Diane breaks down the door, and sees Link, the monster who took Stu right after she killed him. Link tells Diane that she will not be killing anymore people tonight and that she has to deal with him. With that, a battle ensues.

At the Quahog funeral home, Susie Swanson mourns over losing Stu. Hisui, a guest at the visitation, looms over Stu, giving her final message to him, shedding a tear. As Hisui walks away with her head hung, Stu's body begins to glow...

Back at the Griffin house, Diane shoot's Link's arms and legs, immobilizing him for the time being, and makes her move, planning to kill Lois...

6 My Baby! Welcome back, Stu.

(私の赤ちゃん!ステュー、歓迎背面。, Watashi no Akachan! Suchū, Kangeihaimen.)

At the funeral home, Stu, whose body was glowing opens his eyes, wondering where he is. Stu has just been resurrected, shocking mostly everyone attending the visitation. Susie is amazed to see Stu alive. Hisui informs him that Diane is at his house, planning to kill Lois. Stu, realizing, seeths, planning to come home to stop her.

At the Griffin house, Link, temporarily paralyzed, has failed to protect Lois, and to avenge Stu, not knowing that he has just been resurrected. Diane searches the entire house for Lois. After searching Meg and Chris's old bedrooms, Stu's bedroom, Peter and Lois's bedroom, and the bathrooms, Diane realizes that Lois must be hiding in the basement. Having finally arrived at the basement, Diane finally finds Peter and Lois. Peter tells Diane not to go near her. Diane tells Peter to shut up, shooting him in the shoulder.

Stu has arrived, surprising Link. Stu tells Link that all that matters is that he is alive, and wants to kill Diane, again. After hearing his mother's scream, Stu arrives at the basement. Peter and Lois are amazed to see their son alive. Stu tells Diane that it is all over...

7 Your Murders End Now! Diane Dies.

(あなたの殺人事件はすぐに終了!ダイアンは死にます。, Anata no Satsujin Jiken wa Sugu ni Shūryō! Daian wa Shinimasu.)

Stu, having arrived at the Griffin house, tries to kill Diane with a pistol he secretly hid from his pocket. However, Diane is still alive. Stu doesn't understand. Then, all of a sudden, HIM appears from a cloud of smoke, greeting Stu. HIM reveals that he used a spell to make Diane immune to death. Stu realizes that HIM is behind all this. HIM leaves the Griffins, laughing. Now learning that Diane cannot die, Stu prepares for the worst. However, Hisui arrives in the basement, with Susie and a fully-healed Link, to help Stu fight against Diane.

Diane, however, tells Hisui that it won't do her any good to help protect her murderer. Lois, shocked and horrified, finally learns that Stu is the person who murdered Diane first, fifteen years ago at the mansion where James Woods appologized to everyone he wronged. After Diane tells her story about her death at the hands of Stu, she prepares her pistol and is about to kill Hisui.

Then, out of nowhere, C.C. appears. She tells Diane that what she has done was unforgivable. With that, she breaks the death-immunity spell and disappears. Now with Diane vulnerable, Stu prepares to shoot her, telling her that her murders end now. Diane, however, shoots the gun off of Stu's hand, now having the upper-hand. With Stu helpless, Diane tells him that she doesn't need immortality to kill him, and is about to shoot and kill Stu again, but is instead shot and killed again, this time, by Lois, who grabbed Stu's pistol, telling her to keep away from her son, and her family, and cursing her. Back in Hell, Diane, now dead again, gets a welcome home insult from Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, calling her a nasty name. Diane bawls over.

Back on Earth, Hisui uses her tears to resurrect Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams and Joyce Kinney. With the news crew alive, they report that the Diane Simmons problem has been resolved. Hisui then joins up with Link and Stu, then joined by Susie, and prepares for the final battle. Peter and Lois have already been Geassed by Hisui with no knowledge of Link being a monster or of Stu being the person who murdered Diane Simmons first.

8 The Soul Collector. Enter Demongo!

(魂収集。デモンゴー登場!, Tamashī Shūshū. Demongō Tōjō!)

The Valerosa siblings, Leonardo, Eduardo and Maria, reunite with their brother, Alphonso, and his adopter Tsao, a Chinese-American kid. Soon after, they ask Al if they can go to Mexico to speak with their creator Nina, an Alchemic Police Officer, and her husband Jedi Master Mace Windu (who is also the Icejin god Hail), to participate in the final battle against Aku.

Meanwhile, HIM informs Aku that Diane Simmons has failed to kill Lois Griffin...again. Aku tells HIM not to worry and that he can summon Demongo, the Soul Collector, to stop the Torrentuff Animals.

While traveling to Mexico, the Valerosas and Tsao get an unexpected visit from Demongo, who appears from a puff of smoke, and tells them that their journey has come to an end.

9 Legends Return. Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny!

(伝説は返す。ミッキー・マウスとバッグス・バニー!, Densetsu wa Kaesu. Mikkī Mausu to Baggusu Banī!)

Nina Valerosa and Mace Windu are out in the Mexican market, meeting two old friends whom they haven't seen in years: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny (who are both dressed in Jedi sattire). They say that they have both completed their Jedi training and are now Jedi Knights.

Back on the plane bound for Mexico, the Valerosas are fighting off against Demongo's sommoned demon souls. Demongo takes Leonardo prisoner after losing to one of his demons and swallows him whole. The remaining Valerosas, horrified to see Leo being taken into Demongo's body, prepare themselves to fight the rest of the demons.

Back in Mexico, Nina and Mace get a distress call from Eduardo, telling them that Leonardo has been defeated. Soon, all four prepare themselves to save their friends and family.

10 The Flight of Dragons. The Return of Reshiram and Zekrom!

(竜の飛行。レシラムとゼクロムの戻り!, Ryū no Hikō. Reshiramu to Zekuromu no Modori!)

In a Shinto-like shrine in Tokyo Townsville, Jack does some meditation. He has visions of his previous adventures, including freeing a tribe of Woolies, meeting the Scottsman, and fighting a wannabe Samarai rapper. However, during his meditation, he learns about Arcticat, a veteran Torrentuff Samurai Icejin/panther half-breed. Jack breaks free from his meditation to look for Arcticat.

Back in Mexico, Nina, Mace, Mickey and Bugs are disappointed to learn that plane tickets are sold out at the moment and will restock the following day. Meanwhile, two familiar-looking figures, one white, and one black, descend in front of the four. They are Reshiram and Zekrom. They have learned about Aku's plan to enslave the world. Mickey and Nina get on Reshiram while Bugs and Mace get on Zekrom to fly to the Valerosas, who are still in battle with Demongo.

In a mountain north of Townsville, Jack climbs to a Samurai training school, headed by Arcticat. Jack asks him for help. Arcticat, without hesitation, accepts his offer.

11 Double Samurai Power. Demongo Defeated!

(ダブルサムライパワー。デモンゴーは敗北!, Daburu Samurai Pawā. Demongō wa Haiboku!)

12 Monsters from Another Dimension? The Recovered Clue.

(異次元からのモンスター?リカバード・クルー。, Ijigen Kara no Monsutā? Rikabādo Kurū.)

Hisui, Link, Stu and Susie get a paid visit from Ginormica and the other Monsters. They ask them to join them in the final battle against Aku. Just then, a mysterious portal opens, transporting both Hisui and Link into it.

Hisui is the first to awaken after being in a daze. She meets a fish-like creature with human legs and a pair of swimwear. The creature introduces himself as the Recovered Clue. Hisui, though pleased to meet him, wants to know where her friends are.

Elsewhere, Link awakens next to a female scientist who has wasp-like capabilities. She introduces herself as Dr. Wasp, MD. She takes Link to meet the rest of her team: a young boy who can change his size (Minisculo), a three-eyed pink Puzzle Cube who can rearrange herself (P.A.M.), and a dog who flies like a bird (Canaire). Dr. Wasp says that the last member is to arrive any moment. In fact, he, Clue, does, with Hisui by his side. Hisui and Link ask them if they can help in the final battle against Aku. Without hesitation, they accept.

13 Frogs Hop to the Rescue! I'm Flip the Frog.

(カエルは、救助にホップ!私はフリップ・ザ・フロッグです。, Kaeru wa, Kyūjo ni Hoppu! Watashi wa Furippu za Furoggu desu.)

As Hisui, Link, and his team's dimensional counterparts prepare to leave the other dimension behind, Hisui gets a call from Eduardo, saying that he and his siblings had a little problem, but Jack and Arcticat took care of it. Hisui tells him that she, Link and Clue will be on his ship to travel to Japan to stop Aku. A dimensional doorway opens, and the seven enter it. Soon, Dr. Wasp, Minisculo, P.A.M. and Canaire are joined with Ginormica, Dr. Cockroach, B.O.B. and Insectosaurus, and Link and Hisui are on the Valerosas ship.

While riding on Reshiram and Zekrom, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny get a surprise visit from their old friend Michigan J. Frog. He tells them about some new members in his frog team, including Mickey's long lost brother, Flip the Frog. Michigan breaks the fourth wall to Bugs, saying that Mickey was created by two people, and that one of them created Flip for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor. Mickey is happy to see Flip after so many years.

On the Cold vessel, Fribbles and his parents are joined by Cooler, his father Frieza's older brother. He tells them that Frosterra is in trouble...

14 Frosterra in Trouble. Dr. Lychee Resurrected!

(フロステラ星は面倒になります。ドクター・ライチーが復活!, Furosutera-sei wa Mendō ni Narimasu. Dokutā Raichī ga Fukkatsu!)

15 The Icejin Rebellion. Dr. Lychee Defeated!

(アイス人反逆。ドクター・ライチー、撃破!, Aisujin Hangyaku. Dokutā Raichī, Gekiha!)

16 En Route to Flowus 3. TOM and SARA, back online.

(フロワス星の第三の月へ向かう途中。トムとサラ、オンラインに戻す。, Furowasu-sei no Daisan no Tsuki e Mukau Tochū. Tomu to Sara, Onrain ni Modosu.)

17 More Muscle on the Team. Arnold the Pitbull.

(より多くのチームの筋肉。アーノルド・ザ・ピットブル。, Yori ōku no Chīmu no Kin'niku. Ānorudo za Pittoburu.)

18 Werewolf vs. Vampire. The Return of Myotismon? (Wolfman vs. Vampire. The Return of Vamdemon?)

(狼人間対吸血鬼。ヴァンデモンの戻り?, Ōkaminingen tai Kyūketsuki. Vuandemon no Modori?)

19 Another Myotismon. A New Ally. (A Different Vamdemon. A New Ally.)

(異なるヴァンデモン。新しい同盟国。, Kotonaru Vuandemon. Atarashī Dōmeikuni.)

20 Return to the Pride Lands. The Hyena Threat.

(プライド・ランドに戻ります。ハイエナの脅威。, Puraido Rando ni Modorimasu. Haiena no Kyōi.)

21 A Lion's Roar. The Return of Leomon.

(ライオンの轟音。レオモンの戻り。, Raion no Gōon. Reomon no Modori.)

22 Clash of the Digimon! Leomon vs. Myotismon! (Digital Monster Clash! Leomon vs. Vamdemon!)

(デジタルモンスター激突!レオモンVSヴァンデモン!, Dejitaru Monsutā Gekitotsu! Reomon tai Vuandemon!)

23 They're Here! Powerpuff Girls from Another Dimension.

(出ましたっ!別の次元からパワーパフガールズ。, Demashita! Betsu no Jigen kara Pawāpafu Gāruzu.)

24 Z Power Joins the Force. Stinkmeaner's Resurrection!

(Zパワーは力を結合します。スティンクミーナーの復活!, Zetto Pawā wa Chikara o Ketsugō shimasu. Sutinkumīnā no Fukkatsu!)

25 The Hateocracy Released. Enter the Freeman Brothers!

(ヘィトクラシー団がリリースされました。フリーマン兄弟登場!, Heitokurashī-dan ga Rirīsu sa Remashita. Furīman Kyōdai Tōjō!)

26 The Power of Peace. Farewell to Woodcrest.

(平和の力。別れは、ウッドクレストはします。, Heiwa no Chikara. Wakare wa, Uddokuresuto wa Shimasu.)

27 An Old Enemy Returns. I am Aku's Daughter.

(宿敵に戻ります。私はアクの娘です。, Shukuteki ni Modori masu. Watashi wa Aku no Musume desu.)

28 Jack and Ikra. A Formidable Duo.

(ジャックとイクラ。手ごわいデュオ。, Jakku to Ikura. Tegowai Dyuo.)

29 The Wind Genies Return. Odraude's Frightening Transformation!

(風神が戻ります。オドラウデの恐ろしい変身!, Kazegami ga Modorimasu. Odoraude no Osoroshī Henshin!)

30 A Therian Light Appears Before the Genies. The Return of Kyurem! (A Sacred Light Shines on the Wind Genies. Kyurem Returns!)

(霊光は風神を照らす。キュレムは戻ります!, Rei Hikari wa Kazegami o Terasu. Kyuremu wa Modorimasu!)

31 Kyurem's Trump Card. Enter Black Kyurem and White Kyurem!

(キュレムの切り札。ブラックキュレムとホワイトキュレム登場!, Kyuremu no Kirifuda. Burakku Kyuremu to Howaito Kyuremu Tōjō!)

32 The Dragons and Genies Unite! Farewell, Odraude.

(龍と風神が団結!さらば、オドラウデ。, Ryū to Kazegami ga Danketsu! Saraba, Odoraude.)

33 The Samurai and the Musketeers. Keldeo's Resolution Revealed!

(侍と銃士。 ケルディオの覚悟が明らかに!, Samurai to Jushi. Kerudio no Kakugo ga Akiraka ni!)

34 The Songstress and the Dancer. Meloetta's Beautiful Recital.

(歌姫と踊り。メロエッタの美しいリサイタル。, Utahime to Odori. Meroetta no Utsukushī Risaitaru.)

38 Ruler of Nightmares. Pitch Black, the Boogie Man!

(悪夢の支配者。ブギーマンをピッチ·ブラック!, Akumu no Shihai-sha. Bugīman o Pitchi Burakku!)

39 The Legendary Figures of Childhood. Enter the Guardians!

(子供の頃の伝説的人物。ガーディアン登場! , Kodomo no Koro no Densetsu-teki Jinbutsu. Gādian Tōjō!)

40 The Secret to Defeating Aku. Unified Power!

(アクを倒しに秘密。統一された力!, Aku o Taoshi ni Himitsu. Tōitsu sa reta Chikara!)

41 A Town Inhabited by Horses, Unicorns and Pegasi. Welcome to Ponyville.

( 馬、ユニコーンとペガスス座が住 ん町。ポニービルへようこそ。, Uma, Uunikōn to Pegasusu-za ga Sun Machi. Ponībiru e Yōkoso.)

42 The Birth of a Princess. To the Kalos Region!

(姫の誕生。カロス地方へ!, Hime no Tanjō. Karosu-chihō e!)

43 X! Giver of Life.

(X!生命の寄贈者。, Ekkusu! Seimei no Kisōsha.)

44 Y! Deliverer of Destruction.

(Y!破壊の救世主。, Uai! Hakai no Kyūseishu.)

45 Z! Bringer of Order.

(Z!秩序の縁起物。, Zetto! Chitsujo no Engimono.)

46 Life, Destruction and Order. The Power of XYZ!

(生命、破壊と秩序。XYZの力!, Seimei, Hakai to Chitsujo. Ekushīzu no Chikara!)

47 Diane's Comeback. Enter Dark Dianne!

(ダイアンの復活。ダーク・ダイアン登場!, Daian no Fukkatsu. Dāku Daian Tōjō!)

48 XYZ! Dark Dianne Vanquished!!

(XYZ!ダーク・ダイアンは征服!!, Ekushīzu! Dāku Daian wa Seifuku!!)


The Final Battle Begins. Aku vs. the Torrentuff Animals!

(最後の戦いが始まる。アク対トーレンタフアニマルズ!, Saigo no Tatakai ga Hajimaru. Aku tai Tōrentafu Animaruzu!)

Dark Diane has been destroyed once and for all, body, soul, and heart, and this time, her spirit does not go to Hell. With that, the Torrentuffs begin to face off against Aku. However, a few members have not yet shown.

Elsewhere, the Valerosa siblings and Myotismon, who has digivolved into VenomMyotismon, are facing off against the Chritchellites. As their leader is about to attack Leonardo, Eduardo uses his belt buckle to transform into a bull and save his older brother. Another Chitchellite pins Alphonso by the left wing, but Maria crystalizes him into a crystal prison and heals Alphonso's wing. As VenomMyotismon threatens to destroy the rest of the Chitellites, all of them retreat to their ships back to their home planet. VenomMyotismon dedigivolves back to his Ultimate form as he and the Valerosas prepare for the final battle.

As Jack is about to strike Aku with his sword, he tears open a time portal, sending him back to the future. Link activates his time travel watch, which Dr. Cockroach made for him, to retrieve Jack, while the rest continue their battle with Aku...


Leonardo Horrified! Myotismon Gets Deleted. (Leonardo's Horror! Vamdemon Dies.)

(レオナルドの恐怖!ヴァンデモンが死ぬ。, Reonarudo no Kyōfu! Vuandemon ga Shinu.)

The Valerosas and Myotismon have finally made it in time to defeat Aku. However, they were too late to save Jack, as Aku had flung him back to the future. Hisui assures them that Link had activated his watch to retrieve him.

Myotismon digivolves into VenomMyotismon and uses his crimson mist attack on him, but Aku shields himself and counters with his own attack. VenomMyotismon, too, shields himself. Eventually, VenomMyotismon has the upper hand, wounding Aku with his claws. However, he launches a mouth beam that is headed toward Leonardo. VenomMyotismon sacrifices himself to save his rival, dedigivolves back to his Ultimate form and makes peace with Leonardo right before he gets deleted.

With the loss of an ally, the Torrentuffs continue their battle to avenge him, as Aku's wounds quickly vanish.

Meanwhile, Link has found Jack, residing with the Scotsman, who has a rifle leg. Before he returns to the present with Link, Jack tells him that he has trained a day and prepared his sword...


The Combined Power of Jack's Sword. Aku Finally Defeated!

(The Katana's Combined Power. Aku's Final Defeat!)

(刀の複合発電。アクの最終的な敗北!, Katana no Fukugō Hatsuden. Aku no Saishū-tekina Haiboku!)

Link and Jack have returned, but Ikra has informed Jack that Myotismon tried to stop him, but he was too strong for him. Jack glares at Aku for destroying an ally. Jack informs the Torrentuffs that his sword alone may not be enough to destroy Aku forever, but together with the combined power of the elements, there may be a chance.

Aku is shocked, so he tries many methods to destroy Jack's sword before the ritual is complete. The other Torrentuffs channel their energy into one superpowerful orb.

As Jack cuts off many of Aku's shifting forms piece by piece, reducing him to nothing but a defeated shadow, Hisui empowers the sword with the Torrentuffs' combined powers (merged into the orb), and Jack places his sword on the shadow, finally destroying Aku once and for all.

52 The Story Comes to an End. Happily Ever After.

(物語終わりになる。幸せに。, Monogatari wa owari ni naru. Shiawase ni.)

The battle is over. Aku has finally been destroyed, effectively undoing the future Jack traveled to. The Torrentuff Animals are victorious. The Scotsman, who, thanks to the defeat of Aku in the present, has no rifle leg, appears to the Torrentuffs and congratulates Jack for finally defeating Aku. However, Jack's journey is still not over. He must return to his home time, and if he succeeds in destroying Aku in the past, then all will be well. Jack hands off his power of Blade to JRuff before bidding farewell to his team mates.

Days have passed, and Hisui and Link travel to Japan, where they meet up with Suzaku. They ask him if Aku has been destroyed in the past as well. Suzaku answers yes, meaning that Jack has saved Japan from Aku's evil.

Back home, Leonardo builds a statue of his deleted rival, Myotismon, honoring his memory, and starts shedding tears of sadness. However, a Digi-Egg materializes in front of him. Leonardo reads the card next to the egg, with the instructions written in Hiragana (the card says "watashi wo nadenade shite", わたしをなでなでして, which means "rub me"). Leonardo, who understands the Japanese language, begins rubbing the egg. Just then, it hatches, and a little Kiimon is born. Now Leonardo doesn't feel sad anymore, and is happy now that his new Digimon friend is born.

During the closing credits, Hisui writes a letter to her family, saying that she has found her "happily ever after" on Earth, making it her new home, and that she has made a friend in Neil Nissim. She can't wait for her family to come visit her, and to see her little sister, Ameji, and see how much that she's grown. Throughout Hisui's dialogue, many of her teammates are enjoying their current lives. Leonardo has become a singer and songwriter, with Arnold helping him occasionally, and he has found inspiration in Lala-Ru and Yaamon (who digivolved from Kiimon). Eduardo has decided to become a school teacher while in human form. Maria has decided to join in the criminal justice system, with Mace and Nina as her mentors. Fribbles is in high school, learning to be a teacher. Oh, Bone and Slick are working at a museum. The Powerpuff Girls, including Bubbles, attend Eric and Kyle's graduation from the University, and the two settle their differences, becoming co-workers at developing time machines. Reshiram and Zekrom decide to go to school under the human children guises of Rachael and Zachary, respectively. Frieza, under the human guise of Fred Olizac, also becomes a school teacher. Toby has reunited with his biological father, Uriah, and they decide to build robots for the good of humanity. Edward and Alphonse decide to visit an old friend. The four servants become a band of musicians, called the Gemstones. Blaze and Silver return to their home time, and tell amazing stories about their adventures. Link calls General Monger, saying that he will return to Team Monster in a few days, adding that, even in his human form, he's still the team's powerhouse.

At the end of the episode, Hisui and Link share a kiss under the sunlight. The series ends with "The End" (おわり, Owari) written in the sky, and in jade-colored ice.

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