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Harley Bird (Peppa Pig)

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This Sketch was inspired by the Australian rapper and cartoon pig releasing an album on the same day.


Harley Bird, the previous voice actor for Peppa performed for this skit, along with Daddy and Mummy Pig Get Drunk and British Peppa Pig Meets American Peppa Pig shortly after retiring from the show.


  • [a talk show host is interviewing Iggy Azalea.]
  • Host: So, Iggy. I see that another young, rising music star just dropped her first album on the same day you did. I saw the picture you tweeted of your dog with a plush of her likeness. Do you feel threatened by the competition?
  • Iggy: I just don't think I stand a chance. It's over for me now.
  • [Peppa appears from the hallway in her princess costume]
  • Peppa: Peppa's so fancy, you already know.
  • [cut to Peppa's house, where her phone rings, and she picks it up]
  • Iggy: [over phone] Collab with me now, Peppa, or you'll end up a breakfast special.
  • [Peppa presses the "end" button]
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