Imagin, derived from "imagine" & "Djinn", are a monster race that are the antagonists (& in a handful of cases, secondary protagonists) in the fanfictional Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider: Electric King. The Imagin were originally humans from the distant future who lost their physical forms due to an event in the past erasing their own time, becoming dependent on the memories of others in order to survive. Led by Kai, they arrive to the present day to find weak-hearted humans & through them go back in time to find the key figure to the Junction Point, & destroy him so their future can become a reality again. Imagin possess humans upon forging a contract, fashioning a physical form by searching through the host's memory for figures found in folklore & myths.

In some cases of Imagin possession, a person's eyes change color to that of the Imagin, the hair altered into style with a streak of it also changed to the color of the Imagin. In some cases, even the host's attire changes to reflect the Imagin's personality. There are also rare Imagin showing the ability to split into two or more entities that can survive independent of each other. Normally, when this happens, there is a clear difference between them, ether physical or they'll have completely different personalities. The Imagin used by Kamen Riders also have shown the ability to turn into weapons similar to the weapons or attacks they use, this was first shown with Deneb & his ability to change into the Denebick Buster used by Kamen Rider Minos' Zero Form. Unlike most Kamen Rider villains, who normally have greedy or selfish motives for their actions, the Imagin attack the past due to self preservation, wanting to keep their race alive.

The hosts, recognized by the sands of time spilling from their bodies, are offered a single wish by the Imagin. In exchange, the Imagin is able to dive into the most treasured moment of the person's past. As displayed, however, the host must remember making the contract for the Imagin to successfully travel to the past. Additionally, due to the greatly delicate nature of the contract, if the contract holder forgets or dies before the contract is completed, the Imagin bound to him or her would fade out of existence. Opening the human like a door, a portal is revealed that leads to the appropriate time, severing their ties to the human in the process. From there, the Imagin takes over a host's body or simply manifests itself in its physical form & begins causing massive chaos. In turn, due to the laws of time, everything & everyone destroyed in the past no longer exists in the present. However, as Dwayne learned in time, the restoration of these things rely on just being remembered. Also, if an alteration to the past prevents the contract from ever being made in the first place, the damage will be negated completely due to it never having happened, as was the case with the Ivy Imagin. However, it appears that should the Imagin have been destroyed in the past, its destruction is not undone. It has also been shown that imagin that already have a physical form can freely posses people and fly through time without making a contract with a person.

Singularity Point

A "Singularity Point" in Kamen Rider: Electric King is a human who has the ability to exist outside of time itself, & be unaffected by changes in their own past. This ability also allows them to suppress an Imagin's will when it takes over their body & is not tempted by the free wish an Imagin can grant. Because of this, the Imagin contracted to Singularity Points are usually unable to take a physical form in the present time, & directly possess their Singularity Point, instead. They usually reside within time itself & when they are not possessing their Singularity Point, they stay on some sort of Train of Time, such as the TimeLiner or the MinoLiner. The Singularity Points also have the ability to become Kamen Riders, & the Imagin that possess them lend their abilities in combat when called upon. In other instances, the Imagin use their Singularity Point's body as they wish when the Singularity Point loses consciousness. As long as the Singularity Point is conscious, he can expel the Imagin from his body & send it back to the Train of Time that he uses as a Kamen Rider. In some cases of Imagin possession, a person's eyes change color to that of the Imagin, the hair will grow or change in style with a streak of it also changed to the color of the Imagin.


These 'good' Imagin are essentially Imagin that don't agree with the overall goal of the Imagin, either because they don't care for it, or they have other agendas. These six Imagin are also referred to as Taros, & join with Dwayne as Kamen Rider Electrid King to stop the evil Imagin from furthering their plans.

  • Momotaros - only initially cares for the joy of fighting, he learns to respect being comrades with his host.
  • Urataros - bonded with a Singularity Point, being the only one who sees it as a merit.
  • Kintaros - emotional & physically strong; only wished to grant wishes; saved from oblivion by Dwayne.
  • Ryutaros - childish & annoying; likes Dwayne's sister Amanda; originally intended to kill Dwayne but changed his mind later.

Other Hero Imagin

Evil Imagin

The evil Imagin, which make up the majority of the Imagin population see the Taros as villains or traitors to their cause.

Bat Imagin


The Bat Imagin possesses ability to create wings to fly & use sonics wave as weapon, the Bat Imagin fulfills his contract with Thorley for the return of his jinglebell keyholder. Attacking everyone with a jinglebell keyholder, the Bat Imagin battled Electric King Sword Form, but the fight ended in being defeated, however. He is revealed to be still alive. When he travels to the past, the Bat Imagin possesses Thorley's body & begins causing havoc until Electric King appears & forces him to abandon Thorley. And he is destroyed by Electric King, he then becomes Gigandeath Heaven & is ultimately defeated by TimeLiner Scorching Fire.

Chameleon Imagin


The Chameleon Imagin wields a whip & can breathe fire. When Kevin Rowntree wishes for "a heck of a lot of money", the Chameleon fulfills this wish by robbing banks. When he travels to the past, the Chameleon Imagin begins to destroy various cars while possessing Rowntree. The Chameleon Imagin overpowers Electric King Plat Form until Momotaros apologizes for his earlier squabble with Dwayne & assumes Electric King Sword Form, slicing the Imagin in half at the waist with his Extreme Slash & destroying him.

Crust Imagin


The Crust Imagin wields a boomerang-like sword & uses seaweed-like tendrils for weapons. When Dylan Soun wishes to be back on his soccer team, the Crust fulfills this wish by hospitalizing the other members. He then travels to the past & begins attacking the soccer stadium. When destroyed by Electric King Rod Form, the Crust Imagin becomes Gigandeath Hades & is then destroyed by TimeLiner Dynamic Stone.

Crow Imagin


The Crow Imagin wields a cane & uses his feathers as explosive shurikens. When Kanani Soun wishes to forget about her ex-boyfriend, the Crow Imagin fulfills this wish by destroying anything playing Four Seasons Concerto No. 1: Spring. Once in the past, he "erases" all of the members of Kanani & Selwyn's wedding party. The Crow Imagin is defeated by Electric King Sword Form after Rod Form manages to counter his flight ability.

Rhino Imagin


The Rhino Imagin wields a mace & possesses brute strength. When Truman Pond wishes to be the best karate master in the country, the Rhino fulfills this wish by attacking all of his former competitors. When he travels to the past, the Rhino Imagin destroys the karate arena, & is confronted by Electric King's Sword Form & manages to have the upperhand until Kintaros forms a contract with Dwayne, turning Electric King to Ax Form. Despite his best attempts, the Rhino's mace is shattered by Electric King's brute strength, allowing him to be struck down by the Dynamic Chop. He then reforms into Gigandeath Underworld & is destroyed by TimeLiner Split Light.

Ivy Imagin


The Ivy Imagin wields a double-bladed sword & uses his vines as weapons. After sensing Cordell Knaggs' subconscious desire to be with his daughter Kate, the Ivy Imagin fulfills this wish by preventing her career from advancing. When he travels to the past, the Ivy Imagin destroys the Knaggs' hometown, & is eventually defeated by Electric King Ax Form. Due to Kintaros' interference in the past, the Ivy Imagin is prevented from ever making the contract at all, negating his damage.

Owl Imagin


The Owl Imagin wields a sword and uses his feathers as bombs, just like the Crow Imagin. When Beau Montgomery wishes for the park he works at to become a better place for the stray animals that live in it, the Owl fulfills this wish by first attacking any human who tries to enter the park, then, eventually barricading the entrance to the park with cars, & debris. When he travels to the past, havoc ensues before the Owl Imagin is defeated by Electric King Gun Form, however. The Owl Imagin reform into Gigandeath Heaven & Hades, the Heaven is destroyed by TimeLiner Ikazuchi's energy blast and the Hades Gigandeath is destroyed by combined firepower of DenLiner Electric Thunder & Gun Form's Wild Shot.

Whale Imagin


The slow & less-intelligent Whale Imagin wields a staff with a fluke at one end & has the ability to breathe water from its mouth. When Kiefer Hayes wishes to get rid of his drinking problem, the Whale Imagin fulfills this wish by attacking anyone who knew of his drinking problem: former employees & a sake vendor. Once in the past, he attacks people who were having a party under a starlit night sky. The Whale Imagin is confronted by Electric King Sword Form & Gun Form, & is destroyed by Electric King Sword Form.

Another Whale Imagin was amongst the massive army of Imagin that invaded both the past & the present as part of Kai's plan to ensure the Imagins' future, this armed with a sword rather than a staff.

Wolf Imagin


The hot-tempered Wolf Imagin wields a sword able to launch crescent energy beams. When Lavender Sheinfeld wishes to relive her high school days, the Wolf fulfills this wish by vaporizing high school girls & giving their possessions to Lavender. When the Wolf Imagin travels to the past, Gun Form is the first to confront him, stopping the Wolf Imagin from completing its mission. After being stuck for a day in the past with no new information from Kai of Garrett's location, the Wolf Imagin goes berserk with bored rage & decides to destroy anything in his path to complete the mission. Although both Rod & Ax Form fought the Wolf Imagin, Sword Form is the one that finally destroys him. The Wolf Imagin later returns, seen amongst the other Imagin aboard the TimeLiner exercising along with them before making his move around Dwayne's turn. After mocking Dwayne, he is destroyed by Electric King Liner Form.

Jelly Imagin


The Jelly Imagin possesses electrical tentacles & the ability to liquefy his body. When Humphrey Acker wishes to unearth the time capsule that had been left behind by his girlfriend, the Jelly Imagin fulfills its contract by forcing Acker to unearth any time capsule that he sees being buried. Once in the past, the Jelly Imagin attacks a bunch of picnickers that are near the original time capsule's burial site. Though he overpowers Electric King Sword Form, the Jelly Imagin is destroyed by Minos Vega Form.

Tortoice Imagin


The Tortoice Imagin is actually two Imagin in one: a dominant & slow tortoise-half with an energetic hare-half generally dormant inside the Imagin's body unless needed.

The Tortoice Imagin can fire large pellets out of his mouth & has a serious personality while his hare-half has a playful, childish personality.

The wish of the Imagin's contractor, Roosevelt, is unclear because the wish is made at the time he is half-awake. However, the Tortoice Imagin is unable to travel back in time because Roosevelt cannot remember making a contract. Once Roosevelt is able to remember, the Tortoice Imagin travels back in time only to be defeated by Minos & Electric King taking on the Imagin & his hare half. However, the two halves reform into Gigandeaths, with Underworld attempting to escape until the MinoLiner corners it. The Heaven is destroyed by TimeLiner Dynamic Stone's beams & the Underworld Gigandeath is chopped to pieces by MinoLiner Naginata's blades & explodes.

Scorpion Imagin


The Scorpion Imagin wields a axe & can fire needles from his stinger-like hand, he made a contract to abduct Beatrice for Albert Moffett, preferring to grant an "easy" wish with no tolerance for those who attempt to meddle in his affairs. Though halted by Electric King twice, the Scorpion managed to go back in time. The Scorpion Imagin was fought by Electric King Rod Form before Ax Form finishes him off.

Spider Imagin


The red-eyed Spider Imagin, who wields a sword, made a contract with Nathaniel Ash for his sister Alethea to see a star, intent on tying her to a radio tower to fulfill it. Though initially defeated by Minos, it turned out that the Spider Imagin split itself in two prior to the fight with a more serious version outliving his crazed "brother." The second green-eyed Spider Imagin, able to fires energy web from his arm. Find the way to fulfill the wish without problem by destroying electricity pylon, the result is causing massive blackout throughout the distrinct. Once in time, the green-eyes Spider Imagin battled Electric King Gun Form to avenge his crazed "brother" until future Minos interfered & Sword-Form finished the fight. The red-eyed Spider Imagin later returns, amongst the other Imagin aboard the TimeLiner exercising before making his move around Dwayne's turn. After mocking Dwayne, he is destroyed by Electric King Liner Form.

Bloodsucker Imagin


The Bloodsucker Imagin is brought to Simon Pond by the Molech Imagin to aid him in keeping Minos from interfering in Kiba's affairs, running off once it did his part. The Imagin then proceeds to get back the stolen jewels that Pond secretly sold, succeeding in fulfilling the contract due to the crisis Dwayne learned of with Urataros & the gang. Though he overpowers Sword Form on two occasions, the Bloodsucker Imagin is no match for the newly accessed Climax Form.

Molech Imagin


The Molech Imagin is one of Kiba's subordinates, able to use his tongue as a weapon along with mucus-kicks. He is sent to the present year to set up Kiba's plan. With the Bloodsucker Imagin's aid, the Molech Imagin found an ideal pawn in Florence Lavigne, setting up a contract, to help the human acquire a necklace, so he can go back in time with Electric King in pursuit. Though destroyed, the Molech Imagin gives Kiba & the other Imagin the time they need to hijack the TimeLiner.

Kai later created another Molech Imagin as part of his massive army of Imagin that face off against Minos Zero Form in the present time as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagin.

Cobra Imagin

One of Kiba's minions, the Cobra Imagin almost kills Dwayne during the Civil War when Sieg takes over & assumes Wing Form to easily dispatch the Imagin.

Kai later creates several more Cobra Imagin as part of his massive army of Imagin that invade both the past & the present as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagin.

Salamander Imagin

One of Kiba's minions, the Salamander Imagin helped unearthed the FangLiner by possessing one of the Braided Ten Braves & having him fire a flaming arrow near the burial site. He also aids his master in fighting the multiple incarnations of Electric King in the Climax Scene. His design is based on the Aztec god Xolotl who transformed himself into an axolotl salamander in order to escape a battle.

Gecko Imagin


One of Kiba's minions, the Gecko Imagin served his master in fighting the multiple incarnations of Electric King in the Climax Scene.

Kai created another Gecko Imagin, one that teamed with another Newt Imagin in overpowering Electric King Plat Form until Climax Form is accessed. Despite help from the Newt Imagin, he is successfully repelled & subsequently defeated in due part to the teamwork of the Taros Imagin.

Another Gecko Imagin is amongst the massive army of Imagin that faces off against Minos Zero Form in the present time as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagin.

Newt Imagin


One of Kiba's minions, the Newt Imagin served his master in fighting the multiple incarnations of Electric King in the Climax Scene.

Kai created another Newt Imagin, one that teamed with another Gecko Imagin in overpowering Electric King Plat Form until Climax Form is accessed. Despite help from the Gecko Imagin, he is successfully repelled & subsequently defeated in due part to the teamwork of the Taros Imagin.

Wasp Imagin


The Wasp Imagin, able to fire needles from his forehead & wields a rapier, grants Melville's wish to dispose of the evidence of the manslaughter he committed, arriving on the day it occurred. Electric King fought the Imagin in Plat Form, losing until the Taros managed to perfect their teamwork to an extent.

Another Wasp Imagin is amongst the massive army of Imagin that faces off against Minos Zero Form in the present time as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagin.

Bluebird Imagin


The Bluebird Imagin is similar to the Owl Imagin, but can create balls of "fireworks" to throw as weapons. In his first encounter with Sword Form & Deneb, the Bluebird Imagin escapes to fulfill Chang Ayer's wish for his wife to see the fireworks, the Bluebird Imagin fulfill the wish by using his fireworks on her. He later wounds Deneb while abducting Chang, with the contract fulfilled. In the past, the Bluebird Imagin is halted by Sword Form, fighting it until he assumes Climax Form.

Another Bluebird Imagin was amongst the massive army of Imagin that invaded both the past & the present as part of Kai's plan to ensure the Imagins' future.

Rabbit Imagin


The Rabbit Imagin resembles the hare-half of the Tortoice Imagin, only in a furry white color scheme & wields sickles. The Rabbit Imagin enjoyed laughing & had his contract holder hanging for his life, granting the man's wish to "fly". Deneb attempted to fight the Rabbit Imagin off with Garrett reluctant to use up his last Minos Card. The Rabbit Imagin then fought Ax Form in the past but was greatly outmatched & hid behind a tree in an attempt to escape the deathblow, his final words being that Electric King won't stop the Imagin forever.

Anthopper Imagin


The two Anthopper Imagin differ from previous Imagin as they work for the goal to destroy Electric King, picking Orsino Kruckel as an ideal contract holder. The two are ant-like from the left-half of their upper bodies & the right-halves katydid-like.

The cold-headed brother, Formic, wields a shovel-like sword while its maniacal brother, Grillus, has a maniacal persona with a love for taunting his opponent & wields a viola-like sword.

Formic lures Electric King to a railway for their trap, fighting Gun Form at a disadvantage until Grillus makes his move & the two quickly overpower Gun Form. However, Garrett knew that it would be a trap & sent Deneb to interfere. This act forces Formic to use Kruckel to adbuct Amanda, leaving a message for Electric King to fight him & his brother at the Three-Star Factory if he wants Amanda back alive. Garrett & Deneb go in Dwayne's place to save Amanda, with Garrett's reluctant to transform & use his last card. M-Dwayne, however, manages to make it before he transforms with payback on his mind. Both Electric King Sword Form & Deneb attempt to fight off the two Anthopper brothers until Garrett arrives again & transforms into Minos for the last time. Minos finishes off Formic after a long battle while Electric King assumes Climax Form & finishes off Grillus as payback for beating up Ryutaros.

Formic later returns; he is amongst the other Imagin exercising along with them until he makes his move around Ryutaros' turn. After mocking Dwayne, he is destroyed by Electric King Liner Form.

Kraken Imagin


Wielding a pistol, the Kraken Imagin is able to use it as well as his tentacles for weapons. The Kraken Imagins fulfill his contract with the Piano Man for a piano. But, much to its dismay, his contract wasn't fully completed. The Kraken Imagin battled Electric King Sword Form, but the fight ended in a draw. The Kraken later succeeded in going back through time, where he fought Electric King Rod Form & was defeated by him. However, the Kraken Imagin turned into a massive flock of Heavens & a pack of Underworlds that destroy the entire district, negating the existence of those there, using all time trains to wipe them all, restoring everything within time & memory to normal, except for the original contract holder.

Mole Imagin


The Mole Imagin is an Imagin out to kill Electric King, able to spin & burrow. As well as able to fires energy laser. The serious "Ax-Hand" Mole Imagin completes Montgomery's contract, arriving to the day that he lost a karaoke contest. Electric King Ax Form arrives to fight him, only to deal with both him & his two brothers clones: the crazed Claw-Hand & the effeminate Drill-Hand. The Mole Imagin trio proves too much for Ax Form as he suddenly begins losing his sync with Dwayne. The two clones depart while their big brother remained to finish the job. Garrett arrives & accepts his gift & becomes Minos again, defeating the Ax-Hand Mole Imagin as he was about to retreat. The brothers later tear the city apart to lure Electric King & Minos back in time to avenge their older brother. Sword Form & Minos battle the two Imagin until Momotaros loses his sync & Electric King is reverted to Plat Form. Both Claw-Hand & Drill-Hand are nearly successful in defeating Plat Form & Minos Vega Form until the Tarōs arrive & give Dwayne the power to assume Liner Form. The Mole Imagin are no match for Liner Form as Dwayne defeats them with his newfound power.

Later, among the bulk of the massive Imagin army Kai creates for the purpose of killing Amanda are the New Mole Imagin. These Imagin spots black vests, as opposed to the red vests the regular Mole Imagin wear, & are armed with numerous other weapons for hands.

Leo Imagin


The Leo Imagin is Kai's subordinate and uses his three Leo Soldiers to kill Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros in the Time Station while he handles the task of killing R-Dwayne upon fulfilling his part in Kai's plan. But Garrett drives the Imagin away with his attack & Momotaros, Urataros, and Kintaros use their versions of Electric King's finishers to destroy his Leo Soldiers. When Electric King Sword Form appears, the Leo Imagin travels back in time through Kai with Electric King in pursuit. But before the fight could start, Momotaros loses his sync with Electric King, leaving Dwayne to assume Liner Form & fight the Leo Imagin, using the ElectriKamen Sword's RyuGun Mode to destroy him.

Panda Rabbit Imagin

KRDO-Panda Rabbit Imagin.png

The Panda Rabbit Imagin, a light-weight version of the Rabbit Imagin with a sword, finished his contract of getting its contract holder to the company he wanted to work at, nearly killing him in the process. He was about to go back into time, but got cut off by M-Dwayne, who decided to use the weakling for Dwayne to study his fighting moves as Kai looked on from afar. Though Sword Form succeeds in destroying the Imagin, Dwayne travels back to time to understand the reason why the evil Imagin desired to go back to the past.

Snail Imagin

220px-KRDO-Snail Imagin.png

The two Snail Imagin serve Kai. Under Kai's orders, the female Snail Imagin, a female sadistic Imagin who wield a whip & babies her opponents, uses the teacher of Garrett to go back into Garrett's past & take out the Garrett of that time, thus negating Garrett from the present timeline. Dwayne refuses to accept this loss & assumes Liner Form to battle the female Snail Imagin, weakening her with the ElectriKamen Sword's other modes before finishing her off with MomoSword mode. In spite of her death, she succeeds in ridding her master of Garrett by eliminating Garrett as it seemed.

The male Snail Imagin, who is armed with a pistol, is later sent by Kai to abduct Heather to force Dwayne to consider Kai's offer to aid him in ensuring an ideal future. But when Dwayne refuses, the Snail Imagin attempts to kill him when Garrett manages to return to existence, forcing Kai to send the male Snail Imagin back into time to kill Garrett. But this time, the male Snail Imagin are no match for Minos newly accessed Zero Form as Garrett uses the red Minos card.

Another male Snail Imagin was amongst the massive army of Imagin that invaded both the past & the present as part of Kai's plan to ensure the Imagins' future.

Oct Imagin

220px-KRDO-Oct Imagin.png

The Oct Imagin is a red-colored version of the Kraken Imagin with suction-cup trimmings on its body. He intends to grant Shirley Mooney's wish by getting Garrett, even though the Imagin has to bring him alive for the contract to be completed. The Oct Imagin uses ink smoke bombs to temporarily blind the opponent & possesses tentacles able to control an inanimate object, controlling & sabotaging the Electric-Bird & a truck against Electric King. But when the Oct Imagin travels back in time, he can now kill Garrett without any penalty, using the MinoGasher against Minos. Although destroyed by the combined effort of Liner Form & Zero Form, however, a piece of his tentacle entered the AuraLiner, bring it to life as it became a hydra monster-like rampaged time track, using the combined firepower of all the time trains & KingLiner to destroy it.

Armadillo Imagin


The pain-mongering Armadillo Imagin carryies a ball & chain as his weapon & able to roll up into a ball, as well as able to burrow underneath, much like the Mole Imagin. The Imagin completes his contract to "cut" Ocean & goes back into the time when Ocean was recruited by the mob who is currently threatening him. The Armadillo Imagin overpowers both Minos Zero Form & Electric King Liner Form until the TimeLiner provides the two with an escape from the losing fight. However, the Imagin manages to stow onto the TimeLiner & arrives at the Time Station, seeing it much fun to smash the station. But Urataros & Kintaros hold him off with Ryutaros supporting them until both Momotaros & Dwayne arrive. Each of the Taros fight the Imagin in their respective Electric King forms before assuming into Climax Form to finish him off, their teamwork overpowering his strength.

Albinoleo Imagin

Albinoleo Imagin.png

The Albinoleo Imagin is Kai's subordinate, a stronger white version of the Leo Imagin. Sent to kill Amanda, he easily overpowers Electric King Liner Form & Minos Zero Form until the elder self of Garrett arrives, turning the tables. After being pummeled by the trio of Riders, the Altair Form & Zero Form leave the Albinoleo Imagin open for Liner Form's ElectriKamen Slash, which destroys him.

Snowman Imagin

220px-KRDO-Snowman Imagin.png

Using a cane as his weapon, the Snowman Imagin fulfills his contract with the Storekeeper, emptying out his stock by giving them to everyone as presents. Electric King Sword Form fails to stop the Imagin from going back in time to find the Dwayne of that time. But Liner Form is able to destroy the Snowman Imagin when he attempts to outrun the final blow.

Death Imagin

220px-KRDO-Death Imagin.png

The Death Imagin is the leading force of Kai's Imagin army, created by using Kai's all remaining memories, it is serves as intregal part of Kai itself. And if the Death Imagin destroyed, Kai & his Imagin army would dissolve into sand. The Death Imagin wields a scythe as his weapon, & though he overpowered both Electric King Liner Form & Minos Zero Form, the Death Imagin is eventually destroyed by Electric King Sword Form & the combined energies of all the good Imagin as well as Minos, dissolving Kai & all Imagin (except for good Imagin) into a sand as a result.


Main article: Negataros

Pink Rabbit Imagin

220px-KRDO-Pink Rabbit Imagin.jpg

The Pink Rabbit Imagin is one of Negataros's Imagin followers, accompanying the Horse Fangire as they fight Electric King & the Taros, before being destroyed by Ryutaros.

Clown Imagin

KRDO-Clown Imagin.png

The Clown Imagin is one of Negataros's Imagin followers.

Ghost Imagin

Main article: Ghost Imagin

Phantom Imagin

220px-KRDO-Phantom Imagin.jpg

The Phantom Imagin is one of Nex's Imagin followers, resembling a greenish version of the male Snail Imagin.

Shadow Imagin

220px-KRDO-Shadow Imagin.jpg

The Shadow Imagin is one of Nex's Imagin followers, bearing resemblance to the Anthopper Imagin. Though destroyed by New Electric King, he is revived by Nex in the epic battle against the Riders.

Piggies Imagin

220px-KRDO-Piggies Imagin.png

The Piggies Imagin has two faces on his shoulder pads, each of which has his own separate personality from the actual head & are referred to as his younger brothers. When Herod Lincoln makes a contract so he can prove himself to be a hero to Amanda, the Piggies Imagin orchestrates the hijacking of the TimeLiner to get Electric King out of the way. However, Garrett's interference forces the Imagin to change plans to complete his contract with Lincoln. However, once the Piggies Imagin feels the contract is complete, Lincoln refuses to accept it as he was not able to play the part of the hero, making the Piggies Imagin unable to travel back in time. After being knocked away by Minos, the Piggies Imagin faces Electric King before he assumes Climax Form & is cut into many pieces.

Mantis Imagin

220px-Mantis Imagin.jpg

The Mantis Imagin is a female masochist Imagin with the ability to spray a poisonous purple gas & wields twin rapiers as her weapons. Her goal is to allow Indira Haight from the near future to see her grandmother for the last time, as in her timeline she kept putting off celebrating her birthday with her grandmother up until her grandmother died before it could happen. Before the Mantis Imagin can complete her contract & go back in time, New Electric King defeats her.


220px-Eve Imagin.jpg

Main article: Eve


Whenever an Imagin is defeated, they sometimes reform their bodies along with a berserk state of mind, warping into one of three types of massive creatures called Gigandeaths. The number of Gigandeaths emerging from an Imagin can be from a single Gigandeath, to two different types, to an entire army of them. These monsters are mindless & are filled by the urge of destroy. Whenever a Gigandeath emerges, only a Time Train can take it out. All three Gigandeaths are augmented into the Nega TimeLiner's arsenal.


An aerial Gigandeath, Heaven resembles a bird with elements of a bat & a wasp.


An aquatic Gigandeath, the eel-like Hades combines the elements of various sea creatures & is able to fly.


A terrestrial Gigandeath, Underworld combines the elements of an ox, an elephant, & a large cat. It possesses great speed & a thick hide.

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