Imperial Divinity Blade- Infinite Zero Genesis: The Cybertronian Great War & The Silver Millennium Great War, A Unified Alliance of Magic & Technology - Legendary War For The The Future Of The Entire Universe is a fan fictional crossover series based on Neo Genesis Sailor Moon Ancient Primordial Beast God / Holy Dragon Infinity Galaxy Star Imperial X-Storm & Transformers.

The Cybertronain Great War & The Silver Millennium Great War are the main focus in this series.

The Autobots & The Moon Kingdom join forces in this series.


The universe is caught in 2 great wars that lasted for centuries. The First war is The Cybertronian Great War between The Autobots & The Decepticons, their war has destroyed their homeworld, Cybertron. Their War has continued after the death of their home causing their to take their battle to Earth. Unknown to them, another war has taken up residence on the planet as well. The second war is The Silver Millennium Great War between The Moon Kingdom & The Negaverse. Their war has brought the once peaceful era known as the Silver Millennium into ruin.


Moon Kingdom / holy Star Kingdom Alliance

Human Allies

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