Imperial Gear Blade Maximum Storm: Infinite Mega Blitz--The Legendary Great War Of Light & Darkness / Ultimate Clash Of Good & Evil For The Future Of All Worlds & The Infinite Universe, The Strongest & Most Powerful Guardians In Existence is a crossover fan fictional story based on the anime series, Sailor Moon & The toy franchise, Transformers.

This is also a massive semi-crossover, movie, television, video game series. In the tv series, the storyline changes into different versions to make it more intresting.

This story is based on Sailor Moon with crossover reference with Transformers with major elemens from other anime, cartoon shows, movies, & video games.

This story's main focus is on The Great War or The Imperial Great Sailor Civil Wars between The Halo Luna & Black Fang, also The Cybertronian Civil War between The Autobots & The Decepticons.


The peace & serenity of the entire universeis torn apart & is caught in 2 wars that have lasted for centuries. One is a civil war of a race of metalic beings called Transformers, the other one is a magical war between 2 intergalactic federations existing inside our very own solar system.

The fisrt war is The Cybertronian Civil War or The Transformers Great War between The Heroic Autobots & The Evil Deceptions. Their war has destoyed their beloved homeworld, Cybertron. Their conflict has lasted for years, milleniums, or even centuries. Now they have brought their conflict to our solar system, not to mention our homeworld, planet Earth; and now we have been caught in their never-ending struggle fro the future of the entire universe. Megatron & The Evil Decepticons wish to conquer or destroy us & our planet, to mention spread their evil throught the galaxy & the entire universe. Optimus Prime & The Heroic Autobots refuse to let Earth share the same fate as Cybertron & are willing to stand in The Cons' way by protecting Earth & the humans on matter what it takes; with the help of the human race as their most valuable allies, The Autobots might be able to defeat their enemies, save the Earth & restore Cybertron to its former glory and usher in a new golden age of peace.

The second war is called The Intergalactic Great Sailor Civil Wars or The Magical Civil War between 2 factions of Sailor Soldiers. Their conflict has lasted just as long as the Cybertronian Civil War between The Heroic Autobots & The Evil Decepticons. Their war has lasted for centuries and the war that caused the Fall of The Silver Millennium; wgich is one of the greatest empires in the entire universe into ruins.The faction called The Dark Fang is lead by Queen Azula and The Holy Luna is lead by Neo Sailor Moon. Neo Sailor Moon, Neo Sailor Sunand their forces joined forces with Optimus Prime and  The Autobots to defeat their enemies and sav humanit for absolute destruction.

our heroes will also with heroes others dimensions to join in the fight for the future of the universe as well.

Holy Luna

Holy Luna Sailor Soldier Supreme Commanders / Sailor Primes

  • Neo Sailor Moon
  • Neo Sailor Sun

Neo Soldiers / High Genrals

  • Neo Sailor Earth
  • Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Neo Sailor Mars
  • Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Neo Sailor Venus
  • Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Neo Sailor Hyperion
  • Neo Sailor Jurai
  • Neo Sailor Atlantis
  • Neo Sailor Charon
  • Neo Sailor Vegeta
  • Neo Sailor Deviluke

Galaxy Sailor Senshi

  • Sailor Miranda
  • Sailor Niedala
  • Sailor Nova
  • Sailor Unicorn
  • Sailor Revery
  • Sailor Sedara

Sailor Starlights

  • Sailor Kakyuu
  • Sailor Star Fighter
  • Sailor Star Maker
  • Sailor Star Healer

Zodiac Senshi

  • Sailor Aries
  • Sailor Taurus
  • Sailor Gemini
  • Sailor Cancer
  • Sailor Leo
  • Sailor Libra
  • Sailor Virgo
  • Sailor Scorpio
  • Sailor Sagitarius
  • Sailor Capricorn
  • Sailor Aquarius
  • Sailor Pisces

Sailor Animates

  • Sailor Iron Mouse
  • Sailor Tin Cat
  • Sailor Lead Crow
  • Sailor Aluminium Siren

Asteroid Senshi

  • Sailor Pallas
  • Sailor Juno
  • Salor Ceres
  • Sailor Vesta

Kinmoku Sailor Senshi High Council

  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Sailor Singularity
  • Sailor Comet
  • Sailor Polarius
  • Sailor Nebula
  • Sailor Nova Proxima
  • Sailor Diamond Dust
  • Sailor Kinmoku
  • Sailor Selenium
  • Sailor Rainbow Prism

Kinmoku Sailor Senshi Elite Guard

  • Sailor Celestia
  • Sailor Ida
  • Sailor Eissa
  • Sailor Io
  • Sailor Phobos
  • Sailor Astera
  • Sailor Andromeda
  • Sailor Nix
  • Sailor Star
  • Sailor Charon
  • Sailor Demos

Moon Kingdom Sailor Senshi Elite Guard

  • Sailor Aurora
  • Sailor Hyperius
  • Sailor Titan
  • Sailor Caliban
  • Sailor Ganmedye
  • Sailor Calisto
  • Sailor Triton
  • Sailor Orion
  • Sailor Stardust
  • Sailor Odysseus
  • Sailor Nereid
  • Sailor Ursa Minor
  • Sailor Carina
  • Sailor Life
  • Sailor Spirit
  • Sailor Song
  • Sailor Grace
  • Sailor Truth
  • Sailor Hope
  • Sailor Destiny
  • Sailor Umbriel

Primal Sailors

  • Sailor Lion
  • Sailor Black Bear
  • Sailor Tiger
  • Sailor Lynx
  • Sailor Panther
  • Sailor Elephant
  • Sailor Raven

Fusion Hearts

King & Queen Of The Digital World / Supreme Commanders

Original DigiDestined / High Generals

  • Taichi "Tai" Kamiya & Agumon
  • Yamato "Matt" Ishida & Gabumon
  • Sora Takenouch & Biyomon
  • Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi & Tentomon
  • Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon
  • Joe Kido & Gomamon
  • Takeru "T.K." Takaishi & Patamon
  • Hikari "Kari" Kamiya & Gatomon
  • Toshiro "Shiro" Takaishi & Dracomon
  • Rei Saiba & BlackGatomon
  • Osamu "Sam" Ichijouji & Bearmon
  • Jun Motomiya & Lopmon
  • Kishi "Kiyo" Yamamoto & Dorumon
  • Dawn Yami & Coronamon & Lunamon


Primes / Prime Leaders




Aerialbots / Superion

Protectobots / Defensor

The 9


Royal Guardians Of The All Spark

Cybertron Elite Guard


Fallen Angels


Holy Knights


Mythological Deities

Winx Club


Soul Society

Sonic Heroes

Justice League

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Time-Space Administration Bureau

Keyblade Warriors / Keyblade Guardians of The Realm of Light & The Realm of Darkness


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