Imperialistic Spirit Blade Supreme Yin Yang Gear & Revolutionary Bible Blade Intergalactic, Supernatural & Cybernetic DxD Millennium Trinity Storm: Rise of The Strongest Warriors & Awakening of The True Successors of The Most Powerful Beings In Existence is a crossover fan fictional story based on the High School DxD.

This is also a massive semi-crossover story with major alterations to The High School DxD universe.

The Neo Soldiers are the sole survivors of The Fall of The Silver Millennium


9000 years ago. A legendary battle called The Great War  or The First Armageddon between The Angels, lead by The Biblical God, The Fallen Angels, Lead by The Fallen Angel Organization Grigori and The Devils, lead by The Seven Great Satans. Other Supernatural factions began to join the war. This battle lasted for ages with heavy casualties for each side. With The Death of God & The 7 Satans, The Great War was over.

The Big 3 began to rebuild their numbers with different system.

The Angels used the Brave Saint System, The Fallen Angels used The Dusk Paradise System and The Devils used The Evil Piece System. Then a disaster called Second Impact by The Terrorist Organization, Khaos Brigade destroyed The entire world. Khaos Brigade also started The Angel Wars and The Failed Third Impact, but their plans were massively derailed by Shinji Ikari, who the son of The Most Powerful Dragon in Existence, more powerful than The Infinite Dragon God, Ophis & The True DxD, Great Red, The Supreme King, King Haiku. 


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities


Holy Knights

Sailor Soldiers

Soul Society

Time Space Administration Bureau

Legendary Duelists

Keyblade Warriors of The Realms pf Light & Darkness


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