An innocent and sweet young boy wanted to be a hero and went to Union Academy to earn that dream but he is abused and bullied by the staff and students for not having a superpower and is betrayed by others that he trusted. This all happens until a goddess sends him to an all-female universe and he's getting a harem.


The girls of Union Academy along with their teachers being worried about why a multiverse goddess wanted to disintegrate the other world. The bullies and neglectful teachers of that world just wanted this over with.

Y/N sat next to the Goddess, who was being motherly to him and cuddled him.

(Our story starts with a happy and adorable child being with his family.)

All the girls and teachers cooed, remembering how cute their youngest classmate/student is.

The female bullies blush and admit that he's kind of cute.

Ruby ran over to Y/N and cuddled him, making him smile and blush.

"You are so cute, little brother." said a happy Ruby.

(His older sister cuddles with him and his older brother sits next to him. His two cousins were using their cameras to take pictures of this sibling bonding. His uncle and aunt are kissing each other. His grandparents were watching T.V. His parents are talking with each other. However, a siren is going off and the family gets worried.)

The girls were worried and the teachers got saddened because they were told of this.

The other world's headmasters just shrug, not feeling sympathy nor remorse.

Y/N got upset but the Goddess comforted him.

(They find that Huntsmen and Huntresses are attacking the village because the family refused to join Ozpin's side and have refused to join Salem's side. They don't want anything to do with the heroes, Huntsmen, or other factions. They want a peaceful family life but Union doesn't take no for an answer.)

The female universe glares at Ozpin.

"Ozpin, they said no to you and that should be respected. No means no. Deal with it." said the glaring Goddess, not liking what these fake heroes are doing.

The other world people doesn't accept their faults.

"But we needed help and they were being cowards." said an uncaring Ironwood.

"They want nothing to do with your awful war. No means no." said the glaring Goddess.

"She's right, if you go after my family, I'll skin you two alive." said an agreeing Qrow.

(In the end, the family were killed and the child Y/N was kidnapped. They forced him to be adopted by a new family but that family harmed him and he has developed a secret hatred of Union for taking his family away from him.)

The females felt bad for him and hated their counterparts for being so selfish and uncaring.

"That is why you are corrupt. You murdered an innocent family and took their precious son away from them for selfish reasons. Stay away from Y/N." said the glaring Goddess, holding a scared Y/N all to herself.

Chapter 1: Escape From Hell

The females and teachers are warned to not lose their temper while the other world people are restrained by the Goddess.

"I feel bad for showing this part but I'm going to have to and some certain bastards and bitches will get what's coming to them." said a glaring Goddess, disgusted by their crimes.

(At Union Academy, a teenage Y/N is laying on the floor in his brown winter coat and having bruises on him. He's got a black eye and his mouth is bleeding.)

"Y/N!" yelled the worried females.

"What happened to our sweet cutie?" asked a crying Goodwitch (All-Female Universe).

"It will show you." said the crying Goddess.

However, a few people had dark thoughts.

'He will be my pawn.' thought a smirking Rias.

'He will be my weapon.' thought a smirking Ironwood.

'He will be part of my root.' thought a smirking Danzo.

'He will by one of my Nomu.' thought a smirking All For One.

(He is like this because on the first day of Union, he was revealed as not having any superpower and was abused for it. The students would beat him up and the teachers would unfairly scold him for being so weak.)

They were angered by this.

"What kind of school are you running?" asked an angry Ozpina.

"It's a hero school for the most powerful. The strong survive and the weak die." said a serious Ozpin.

"That's not Heroism, that's Villainy." said a glaring Nezu (All Female Universe).

They were shocked that their way is considered villainy.

(The only one who was nice to him was Nezu, along with Ruby Rose, Izuku Midoriya, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Makoto Naegi, Chihiro Fuisaki, Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Ayano Aishi, Budo Matsuda, Oka Ruto, Amai Odayaka, Kimihito Kurusu, and the Monster Girls. He called them the good guys because they protect the innocent and the weak.)

The said group were happy to be with Y/N.

(The neutral people didn't help him and the evil people bullied him but even Jin Mazama defended him and also thought that the bullies are going way too far.)

The Neutral people look down in shame.

The bullies were angry that he calls them evil.

(He is well aware that teachers dislike him for being weak and selfishly refuse to help him but Nezu and the MHA teachers help him out and had secretly gotten their police friends involved. The police were good-hearted and has been investigating the school because of other non-powered students have been disappearing after being bullied.)

The nice people wondered what was wrong.

(It turns out that after a beaten up student is unfairly expelled, they are illegally taken by Ironwood and turned into unwillingly soldiers that will only serve him. They didn't get a choice and after Salem is gone, he will have the soldiers expired.)

All heroes gasped.

The nice students ripped their Union Academy nametags off, disgusted by this.

"Ruby, what are you doing?" asked a shocked Yang (Original World).

"I quit the academy. It's only villainous." said a disgusted Ruby.

"I concur, this is only illegal." said an agreeing Jaune.

"General, you could be facing imprisonment or execution for this." said an also agreeing Ren.

"And you'll see why Y/N doesn't hate Salem." said the serious Goddess.

(Also, Salem isn't evil. She sent the Grimm because Ozpin and the fake heroes hate her out of prejudice and she was protecting Y/N and other non-powered individuals from them. She actually cares for Y/N because he understands that she wants to be left alone and she actually has had tea with him.)

Ozpin and Ironwood frowned at this, once again not accepting their fault.

(However, Y/N accepts a dangerous fate of his by wearing a winter coat and placing secret cameras to record the action. Ruby didn't want him to but Y/N insists and tells Ruby that he loves her. She returns his feelings and they share a kiss.)

The females cheer Ruby on and she too was excited to see that.

(He then sadly said goodbye to her and goes to the school. He meets the bullies and they have weapons with them but he chooses not to fight back. Instead, he refuses to scream in pain and to not go into despair.)

All good people felt respect for him because he is strong on the inside.

"That's why he's strong. He knows that fighting back will cause more trouble and actually has tried to tell a teacher but most of them never listened to him and had allowed him to be hurt. He is too good to the point that he doesn't even hate his enemies." said the serious Goddess.

"He's so manly!" said a grinning Kirishima and Tetsutetsu (both from the two universes).

(The bullies then start beating him and making bleed but he stayed true to his word and didn't scream. He didn't even fight back. His prediction was right that they didn't show remorse and that they are indeed villains who are enjoying what they're doing. They were evily laughing and telling him that they hate him because he's weak and claim that his family's death was his fault.)

Every good people showed anger towards the bullies and are calling them villains.

(Issei then shows a picture of a sick girl named Eri and reveals that he bludgeoned that girl with a rock, much to Y/Ns horror.)

The heroes gasped at this and are now enraged.

"You monsters murdered an innocent girl for your own pleasure. You're nothing but monsters." said the enraged Goddess.

"She's right, Y/N's not a monster, you guys are." said an agreeing Jaune, glaring at them in hatred.

Even Yang (original world) and the other bullies look at Issei in horror and disgust. They might be bullies but they never committed child murder.

Rias' peerage don't give a care since she was weak in their eyes and that she had to die.

"Wow, even I think you went way too far." said a disgusted Yang.

"Dude, you committed child murder." said an agreeing Sun.

"She was weak." said a sneering Issei, not apologizing for what he did.

They glare at him for once and now starting to think that Y/N is better than him. They now wish to have been friends with Y/N.

(Y/N now realizes how much of a monster they are and knows they can't go unpunished. He mentally prays to God to punish them and to protect those who can't fight back. Issei then hits Y/N one more time before Y/N finally succumbed to this and passes out from his injury.)

Every good people cried at the possible death of their friend.

Rias was eager about having a pawn in her peerage.

Issei was glad to have gotten rid of him.

(However, a Goddess saw all this and cried over how those monsters tortured the young man. Then she snapped and angrily broke her chains. She managed to escape the corrupt gods and went to the boy's body. She cried over him and cradled him before than getting enraged.)

Every one wonders what's she gonna do.

(However, she calmed down and gently sent Y/N's body and soul to the spirit world but decided to give him a world where he's loved. His body disappeared in a light as Rias and others shouted in anger at having lost an unwilling pawn for their plans. The good people bow when they see their friend disappear in a light and are happy that he secretly has escaped this Hell hole.)

Everyone smiled because he did escape from it.

(Ruby, Ayano, and the good girls are given chances to be in that new world with him. They are taken there with him and the good boys salute them as they disappear in the the end of their corrupt world. The bullies saw this and angrily shout "WHAT?!" as they vanish in a bright white light.)

Everyone is preparing to see the all-female universe.

Chapter 2: All-Female Universe

Goddess gave everyone a warning to prepare.

(In the morning, Y/N woke up fine and healthy. He let out a cute yawn and saw outside but was confused to see a lady walking a girl in a dog costume. He shrugged and got dressed for school, thinking that scene was some kinky lesbian fetish.)

The guys and girls were shocked that he knows what that is.

"Issei, I'm gonna castrate you for teaching him that." said the angry Goddess.

"Not my fault that little r*****d needed an education on those filthy d***s." said an arrogant Issei.

They glare at him for that offensive comment.

(He then saw that Ruby was at his house with her team. Y/N gulped, waiting for a beating but was shocked that they all kissed them.)

  • Ruby: (smiling) "Good morning, sweetie."
  • Weiss: (also smiling) "It's time to get ready for school, darling."
  • Blake: (also smiling) "I made some breakfast, honey."
  • Yang: (also smiling) "We might have a Yang tonight, cutie."

(Despite being confused, he did let out a chuckle at Yang's joke while her team groaned in annoyance.)

Yang was happy that he liked the joke.

(He ate the Eggscellent omelet with them and looked heavenly.)

  • Y/N: (heavenly) "It tastes like Heaven."

(The girls giggle and Blake smiles gratefully at him.)

Blake was glad to meet such a grateful young man.

(He was surprised that Weiss, Blake, and Yang are being nice since they hurt him. Weiss insulted him, Blake rejected him, and Yang beats him. That's why he doesn't date them yet.)

They were saddened by their actions and promise to make it up to him.

(They went to school and Y/N was surprised to see that Issei is now a female and is called Issa. However, she is nice towards him and is not perverted. She even made him the harem king.)

"Why does he get a harem?" asked an upset Issei.

"Because he's not a disgusting and degenerate pervert like you." said a sneering Issa.

(The teachers were now nicer to him but Glynda creeped him out with her obvious flirting. He secretly misses the unfair version who would give him detention for being late because of getting beaten up.)

The girls glare at her.

"Him being beat up is a justified excuse for being late." said a glaring Ozpina.

Glynda (Original World) grumbled, hating the kid for being weak but so far had no excuse.

(He then started getting afraid.)

  • Y/N: (scared) "I need an adult."
  • Glynda: (smirking) "I am an adult."
  • Y/N: (frowning) "I meant a trusted adult

(Right on cue, an annoyed Kushina bonked a wincing Goodwitch on the head as she took a confused Y/N to his seat. She knew what was going on and was annoyed by it. Naruko was surprised that her mom was there but was grateful that her crush was saved from their pedo teacher. Y/N keeps on getting harassed by the female versions of Team CRDL but is always protected by Issa.)

Issei doesn't like how his counterpart is protecting that so-called weakling.

(However, he gets bothered by Rias Gremory, Satsuki Uchiha, Katsumi Bakugo, Pyrrha Nikos, Junko Enoshima, and Esdeath, who all want to use him as a breeding stock to create children for them and train them to overthrow their rivals.)

Everyone was disgusted by this and felt bad for Y/N.

(Y/N was disgusted by them and dislikes them for only seeing him as property. Rias tries making a law that forces him to be their property but Issa didn't like this and protected him from those sexist bullies. Unlike Issei, she doesn't view her crushes as property but as people. Y/N told her about his true past and she was both sympathetic and angry at this. She wanted to keep her crush safe and kill those who hurt him.)

The corrupt universe people didn't like how she disagreed with them.

Rias and her new peerage were mad that Y/N doesn't like them because of only seeing him as an object.

(She mostly hated Issei and was disgusted by him for only caring about women's bodies. She thinks that Y/N should be the harem king because he respects women and sees them as people.)

All the females are crushing on him.

(She told the other females about it and they were angry. The girls from that universe confirmed it and the girls who were bullies cried in remorse for how they treated him but Rias, Pyrrha, and Junko don't show remorse and think that they were doing the right thing.)

They glare at Rias, Pyrrha, and Junko for being so heartless.

(The remorseful bullies apologized to Y/N but he has already forgiven them, making them happy about how pure hearted he is. He willingly joins Issa's peerage and is sincerely loved by her. She even becomes his queen and she threatens to harm those who touch him wrongly.)

Rias was angered that he didn't join her peerage.

'I will have you as my pawn.' thought an angry Rias.

(However, he shockingly has MPD and is given special abilities. His personalities appears when his eyes change color. Issa congratulated him and helped him train. His red eyes reveal that he has a sacred gear, making her more happy for him.)

His friends were happy about his abilities.

Rias recognized that gear and was angered that it chose Y/N over her.

'You will be punished, Ddraig.' thought an angry Rias.

(At the end of class, Y/N was packing his stuff up but gets bullied again by Rias and she still acts arrogant.)

  • Rias: (smirking) "Try rejecting me all you want, you will be mine and you can't do anything about it."
  • Pyrrha: (also smirking) "If you don't want to, then here's how to do it."
  • Junko: (also smirking) "Prey for your future lover in the next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building."

(They laugh evily but Katsumi, Satsuki, and Esdeath were horrified by what they just heard.)

They were all shocked as well.

Issa growled angrily.

The teachers glare at them.

(However, Issa heard this and was extremely pissed off by that comment. If heroes were allowed to kill, she would murder those girls for saying that.)

Issa does want to kill them for that comment.

(She went and comforted Y/N while giving a dangerous scowl at them.)

  • Issa: (scowling) "I will fucking kill you, Gremory and Peerage."

(Y/N calmed her down but she just picked him up and left. First, she punched Rias in the face and flipped her off.)

Issa sighed, that's the only punishment she could give.

(To make sure Y/N wouldn't be framed, Issa told the teachers what happened and they weren't happy. Rias' older brother Sirzechs apologized for his sister's behavior and is grounding her.)

Rias felt betrayed.

(However, the real reason that Y/N doesn't trust Rias, Pyrrha, Hinata, and Melissa is because they cheated on him.)

Everyone gasped.

"THEY WHAT?!" yelled an angry Issa.

(Rias had an affair with Issei, Pyrrha did it with Jaune, Hinata did it with Sasuke, and Melissa did it with Izuku.)

Izuku and Jaune looked down at this.

(However, he doesn't hate Izuku and Jaune because Izuku was blackmailed and Jaune was r***d. He knew that Rias was responsible and just wondered why did she target him for no reason.)

"He never did anything wrong to you." said an angry Ruby.

(What made it worst was that Melissa accepted being payed without caring for his feelings.)

"I can't believe you accepted it without thinking." said a disgusted Issa.

Melissa shed tears.

(However, Hinata was r***d by Sasuke and then cheated on by him with Sakura. Naruto bashed Sasuke's head against a locker and called out the biased teachers for letting Sasuke treat a girl like that.)

Y/N and Issa glared at Sasuke in hatred.

(Issa didn't like them but accepted Hinata and Melissa on one condition: they choose Y/N over their desires. They accepted this and Y/N had happy tears.)

Pure Proposal

  • Pure Good Proposal: The Main Character. Reason: He is nice to both friends and enemies, always respects teachers, refuses to hurt his bullies, he accepted his admirers' feelings, and he's always a innocent boy.
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