Years unknown to many, a wizard from across multiple dimensions merged the universes.

The leaders of a newfound inter universal union decided that all military effort should be put towards defeating this wizard.

So, they created an academy for training teenagers to fight with their magical abilities. If they did not have magic, they could not participate. When they were old enough, 13, they were taken to the Academy until they were old enough to fight.

This is the story of the first group of students.

Part One

Opening ceremony-

"Hello!" says Celestia, "I am Princess Celestia, founder of the academy." From the back of the room you could hear, "ASSHOLE! I DID ALL THE WORK!" It was Syntha, interdimensional beast! And she was hot. "No one gives a crap!" She replied.

"We have pared you up in pairs, for non-sexual reasons. I mean it's not banned, but it's not encouraged."

"The frick?" said Leo silently. He didn't come here for sex, he came here to train. I do admit some of the girls look hot but Jesus! he thought. He silently went to his assigned room.

"Oh?" said a girl that was in there. She was a pony, from THAT universe. Why were there so many?

"You're hot." She said.

"Nice to know you think that," Leo stated, "My name's Leo. I'm a hedgehog-sorta? What's your name?"

"Twilight Sparkle," she embarrassingly said, "Yeah, it's horrible isn't it?"

"Actually, well I don't know."

Leo and Twilight head off to magic schooling

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