The Ion Battery was a static defense weapon developed, manufactured and sold by the Wandrau Arms Corporation.

This common, free-floating solar-powered ion cannon weapon platform was an extremely effective defensive weapon. When placed in strategic positions around a space station or other vulnerable target, the Ion Battery was able to provide independent firepower that significantly increased the target's protection.

More effective than Mn/T2 ion cannon mines, the Ion Battery also had the capability of bringing down a spacecraft's shields and knocking out its systems, while leaving the hull intact and the crew alive. This meant that it was also a useful strategic weapon, although of course more expensive than a mine, and subject to the further cost of employing sentient gunners.

The solar arrays on either side of the cannons provided all the power the weapons needed, so long as the Ion Battery was located a suitable distance from a primary star.

With an effective shield system rated at 600 SBD, the Ion Battery was able to take some punishment. However, due to its lightweight construction, its hull was very fragile, and was unable to withstand even a single hit from a laser cannon.


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