Courtney and Isabella glare at each other.

This article is about the conflict between Isabella and Courtney.

Episodes For

Crackers or Wackers

Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney realizes Isabella likes Duncan. Later, Isabella tells Courtney she only like him as a friend.

You Get The Dunce Party

Isabella and Courtney get into a fight before the play.

Goth vs. Goth

When Isabella spreads the word about Gwen and Vanessa's fight, she tells Courtney last. In the end, after the fight, Courtney blames Isabella for Vanessa winning, but Isabella tells Courtney that that wouldn't happen if she wasn't too busy making out with Duncan.

Diary Of A Pink-Bowed Girl

Courtney laughs at Isabella when Greg hugs her.

The Tease

Courtney writes to Isabella a teasing letter, and when Isabella figures that out at the end, she pushes Courtney down.

Disreplace that Time Bomb

Before Courtney, Duncan, Lindsay, Beth, Justin, Harold and LeShawna escape the building, Courtney tells Isabella "have fun dying." Isabella glares at Courtney later on.

Lindsay, Camera, ACTION!

Isabella says that she's glad Courtney's not helping, only to get slapped by Duncan.

Hollywood World


Courtney mentions she hates Isabella a lot.

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot

Isabella punches Courtney in the stomach when they (along with everyone else at the camp except Izzy) learn that Izzy was only pranking them.

Stay oh Wait

Courtney gets steamed at Isabella and challenges her to a Pokemon battle. When Isabella was on the search for a Pokemon, Courtney taunts to her that she will never find a Pokemon. When Isabella wins, Courtney screams because of herself losing. Then, Isabella sings Worry.

Travel to Sinnoh

Courtney stops Isabella and Heather from coming by trapping them in Hoenn.


Courtney freaks out when she learns Isabella's competing.

Total Cartoon Teams

Quick Battle

Courtney taunts Isabella in order to make her lose focus on the challenge, and her plan worked.

Uh Oh, Someone's Back......

Isabella yells at Courtney because Courtney had a crush on Alejandro, and Alejandro made Izzy upset.

Make Like a Tree and Leave

Isabella hugs Phineas out of excitement that Courtney's gone.

Episodes Against

Hollywood World

We Will Be The Movies

Courtney and Isabella high-five when Teresa's plan works.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! The Final Battle

Courtney and Isabella finally settle their differences and become friends.

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