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Izzy is one of the more crazier characters from Total Drama Island. She is rarely seen without her partner, Tippy. In Izzy Or Isn't She, she beat Courtney by one vote to see who will cheer Cera up, but it only worked when they worked together. In Total Drama Cartoon, she has a feud with Goo.

Total Drama Valley

  • On A Wing And A Scare: When Chris announced that she was guest starring, she was crazily falling from the air. Littlefoot suggested that someone should save her, but Izzy rejected the help and some flips and landed safely on a flyer which none of the players were on. Guido later on points what that was an example of what he meant by humans being crazy. Chris pointed out that Izzy was assisting both the Fighting Flatteeth and the Super Sharpteeth.
  • It's All Downhill From Here: Even though she didn't appear, she was mentioned by Shorty.
  • Losing The Winner's Edge: Even though she didn't appear, she was mentioned by Chris.
  • Final Finale Of Fun Ferocity: She went back to the prehistoric times again to watch the finale. Nod was grossed out at Izzy eating meat on a stick.
  • Dino Flight: She was seen walking with Gwen and Bridgette after getting a bite to eat. According to Trent, she is still dating Owen, who is now a prehistoric alligator. As the story states it, she sometimes sleeps in Owen's mouth for the heck of it.

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