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J,A,K,Q is a original pilot of Dummies of the West, part of Funny Cartoons!.

Season 0, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) January 1, 2010
First Aired (USA) December 26, 2009
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Shadow challenges Shadow and Mephiles to a card game, but one of them will win and be took to the cleaners!


  • Silver
  • Shadow
  • Mephiles


The camera zooms into the house.

Silver: Giddy up, Shadow! Giddy up!

Shadow: Grrrr.... I HAD ENOUGH OF THE HORSES!!

Silver: Aww, c'mon!

Shadow: No!

Mephiles: Guys, I got cowboy bored again.

Shadow: Hmm..... How about..... of course! *runs to the attic.*

Mephiles: Hmm.... of course.... what?

Shadow: Let's play this card game.

Silver: J, A, K, Q? Is it a crossword puzzle? I HATE CROSSWORD PUZZLES!

Shadow: No! It is a card game.

Silver: Like goldfish?

Shadow: Maybe.

Mephiles: What happens if one of us wins?

Shadow: Whoever wins will take us to the cleaners.

Silver: Good, because I need my fur cleaned.

Shadow: No! THAT'S NOT IT!

Silver: I'll win! You'll lose! You'll be the loser who cries and be taken to the cleaners!

Shadow: STOP IT!

Mephiles: Okay, guys. Just to let you know, I am good at JAKQ. I won the JAKQ tourtament 10 times in a row.

Shadow: Well I won 11 times!

Mephiles: 12 times!

Shadow: 13!

Mephiles: 14!

  • Shadow and Mephiles start fighting.*

  • Silver completes the game.*

Silver: I WIN!

  • Shadow and Mephiles stop fighting.*

Shadow and Mephiles: What?

SIlver: Now, there's only one thing to do left!

  • The scene cuts to they're fur being washed in a washing machine.*

  • Silver sits stupidly.*

Shadow: I hate card games.