Jessie Prescott

Luke Ross

Ravi Ross

Emma Ross

Zuri Ross

Ultra-Sound Jessie Prescott (Jessie's True/Super Form When She Used The Chaos Emeralds In The Series Final)

Christina Ross

Morgan Ross

Mrs. Chesterfield (Main Antagonist Of The Series)

Plot: The Show Is About A Nanny Who Wanted To Be A Movie Star But Was Enforced To Babysit Four Kids

Episodes: 1. New York, New Nanny 2. Crazed Fanatics 3. Bella Thornes Visit


Ultra-Sound Jessie Is Jessie's True Formed When She Had The Chaos Emeralds In The Series Final As She Fought Mrs Chesterfield At Möbius

Had 25 Seasons (2011-2036)

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