Jeff Jones' Karaoke Dance Party is a 39-volume series of karaoke videos spun off from the Jeff Jones Show series. It was produced by Sanford Productions, Leonard Hill Films (later Hill-Fields Entertainment in the later volumes), and Apple Entertainment and distributed by Sing Along Sales, Inc. (and later American Gramaphone after Sing Along Sales was bought out by a Canadian floral and gourmet foods gift distributor called "Flowerland" and made inactive), which featured Jeff Jones and other characters (including ones Apple Entertainment licensed).

The spinoff started in 1992.


  1. Jeff Jones' Karaoke Dance Party: Volume 1 (August 1992)
  2. Jeff Jones' Karaoke Dance Party: Volume 2 (January 1993)



Main actors and suit actors

  • Jake Sanford as Jeff Jones, Dook LaRue (suit), and Simon the Monster Hunter.


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