Jerry Little - Parody of Stuart Little; a family adopts a charming mouse named Jerry, but the jealous family pet cat named Tom wants rid of him.

Stuart Little: Jerry Mouse (Tom and Jerry)

Mrs. Eleanor Little: ideas open!

Mr. Frederick Little: ideas open!

George Little: ideas open!

Snowbelle: Thomas "Tom" Cat (Tom and Jerry)

Red, the Alley Cat: Lightning (Tom and Jerry)

Monty the Mouth: Meathead (Tom and Jerry)

Lucky the Alley Cat: Topsy (Tom and Jerry)

Smokey: Butch (Tom and Jerry)

Anton, George's rival: Remy Buxaplenty (Fairly Oddparents)

Reginald Stout: ideas open!

Camille Stout: ideas open!

Mrs. Keeper: ideas open!

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