Johnny Test


Johnny was a narastic troublesome boy. He was Susan and Mary's brother and Hugh and Lila's son. He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor. He has a crush on Mary.


Johnny was the son of Hugh Test and Lila Test. His brothers are Roo and Lumpy, his aunts are Giselle, Marie, Angel, Nala, and Snow White, his uncles are Proteus and Tulio, and his sisters are Susan Test and Mary Test.


Johnny has yellow hair with scarlet red highlights and he has bright blue eyes. He was seen wearing a navy blue short sleeved dress shirt, a black t shirt, green pants, and black tennis shoes. His swimwear was orange, yellow, and dark pink swimming trunks. And his alternate swimwear was a bright orange two piece swimsuit. And his disco outfit was a navy blue t shirt, red pants, a light blue and light gray cap, a yellow collar, a green sash, black glasses, and bright blue shoes.

Alternate outfits.

  • Sleepwear - Cyan blue pajamas and purple slippers.
  • Alternate sleepwear - Grayish black pajamas with bright yellow radio active symbols.
  • Alternate sleepwear two - Bright blue pajamas and dark purple slippers.
  • Alternate sleepwear three - Grayish blue pajamas and bright purple slippers.
  • Western outfit - Green t shirt, blue and brown pants, brown vest, red bandana, usual tennis shoes, and brown cowboy hat.
  • Halloween costume - Canadian mountie costume.
  • Malt shop outfit - Bright red t shirt, dark pink vest, navy blue pants, and dark gray shoes.
  • Alternate malt shop outfit - Grayish pink t shirt, pinkish red vest, grayish blue pants, and dark gray shoes.
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