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Johto-Sinnoh (ジョウト-シンオウ Jouto - shin'ou) is a TV series created by Christinahorst.2018. This series focuses on two girls named Amelia and Dora on a quest to become champions of their home regions.



Amelia S. Silverness (アメリアのS. Silverness Ameria no S. Silverness) - Amelia is a 10-year-old from the Johto region. She chose Cyndaquil as her starter. Her best friend is Dora, from the Sinnoh region. Her goal is to become the champion in her home region of Johto. Amelia is calm, and sometimes comes to Sinnoh to watch Dora battle the Gym Leaders.

Dora Platinumies (ドラPlatinumies Dora Platinumies) - Dora is a 10-year-old from the Sinnoh region, who appears to be confident. She chose Piplup as her starter. She is good friends with Amelia of the Johto region, and comes to Johto to see Amelia win gym battles.


Professor Elm (教授エルム Kyōju erumu) - A Pokemon professor from Johto. He gave Amelia her Cyndaquil.

Professor Oak (教授オーク Kyōju ōku) - A Pokemon professor from Kanto. He debuts in the second episode, where he gave Amelia and Dora a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle.

Barry Pearl (バリーパール Barīpāru) - Dora's childhood friend from the Sinnoh region. He appears in several episodes where Dora and Amelia are traveling through the Sinnoh region, battling Dora. His starter Pokemon was Turtwig. Barry is also very energetic.

Professor Rowan (教授ローワン Kyōju rōwan) - A Pokemon professor from Sinnoh. He gave Dora her Piplup.

Lucas Diamonds (ルーカスダイヤモンド Rūkasudaiyamondo) - Professor Rowan's assistant and a good friend of Dora's. He has shown Dora how to catch Pokemon. His starter Pokemon is Chimchar.

Ethan H. Golden (イーサン時間ゴールデン Īsan jikan gōruden) - Amelia's childhood friend. He has shown Amelia how to catch Pokemon. His only known Pokemon is Marill.

Calvin X. Crystal (カルバンXのクリスタル Karuban X no kurisutaru) - Amelia's rival. He stole a Totodile from Professor Elm's lab shortly after Amelia got her Cyndaquil.


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Season 1[]

  1. Two Friends! The Journey Begins for Both of Them!
  2. A Kanto Starter for two