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Judgmental Supreme Infinite Holy Inferno True Dragon Moon Queen God Empresses of The 10 Divine Holy Commandments & The Glorious Primordial Bestial God Empresses of The Grand Platinum Millennium--Revolutionary Neo Sailor Guardians of The Vast Galaxies is a fan fictional series.

It is a remake / retelling of the Sailor Moon anime in an alternate universe where The Silver Millennium still exists.

The story also takes lace in The 21 century, Earth is in its modern age and Elysium is in its own realm but, has dominion over Earth.

Plot / Symbiosis

The Illustrious Silver Millennium, an empire of peace and prosperity reigned over the universe for generations until pride an' lust for power brought them into a civil war between 2 factions: The Holy Moon Faction lead by The 5 daughters of King Solace and Queen Selenity and the true heirs of The Milky Way Galaxy and The Dark Moon faction lead by former Mauian advisers: Luna & Artemis. this civil war lasted onto the 21st Century with The Holy Moon Faction victorious and The Dark Moon Faction in defeat and pure exile. The Holy Moon Faction rebuild The Silver millennium into an age of Freedom, Equality, Justice & Equity called The Platinum Millennium. With threats from evil forces and The Dark Moon Faction, The Neo Soldiers and their many allies must defend the peace they enjoyed so much.

Milky Way Galaxy / Platinum Millennium Moon Kingdom

Neo Soldiers / Grand Council

  • Queen Serenity / Neo Solar Sailor Moon
  • Queen '''''Equaminity / Neo Solar Sailor Sun
  • Queen Equability / Neo Solar Sailor Solar
  • '''''Queen Comformity / Neo Solar Sailor Sol'''''
  • '''''Queen Tranquility / Neo Solar Sailor Solaris'''''
  • '''''Queen Elizabeth / Neo Sailor Mercury'''''
  • '''''Queen Hikari / Neo Sailor Mars'''''
  • '''''Queen Juno / Neo Sailro Jupiter'''''
  • '''''Queen Freya / Neo Sailor Venus'''''
  • '''''Queen Kalani / Neo Sailor Uranus'''''
  • '''''Queen Amphitrite / Neo Sailor Neptune'''''
  • '''''Queen Maragret / Neo Sailor Pluto'''''
  • '''''Queen Gothel / Neo Sailor Saturn'''''
  • '''''Queen Nyx / Neo Sailor Nemesis'''''
  • '''''Queen Yuna / Neo Sailor  Charon'''''

Fusion Hearts / Digi Destined


Time-Space Administration Bureau

Pretty Cure

Battle Brawlers

Holy Knights


Winx Club


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

Juraian Empire

Devilukean Empire

Keyblade Guardians Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm of Darkness

Human Allies



  • Motoko Kusanagi is the queen of Charon and its guardian, Neo Sailor Charon. Motoko wields The Talisman; The Rainbow Magnum.
  • The Quintulpets are the great granddaughters of The Supreme King of All Dragons, King Haiku & The First Sailor Prime, Sailor Serenity.
  • The parents of The Neo Soldiers died during The Silver Millennium Civil War.
  • Luna & Artemis were exceuted along with other members of The Dark Moon Faction after the end of The Civil War.

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