Jurassic Park: The Animated Series is an American-Canadian action-adventure science fiction animated TV series. Based on the movie Jurassic Park, which in turn is based on the book by Michael Crichton, the series aired from May 14, 1994 to March 10, 1996 on CBS. 


Although the series is based on the film, only three characters from the movie appear in the series are series regulars, as well as original characters. It chronicles six teenagers and the workers of Jurassic Park, travelling the world in pursuit of surviving dinosaurs which are in danger.

List of characters


Dr. Alan Grant (Lawrence Bayne)-An adventurer and paleontologist. He loves children and adventure.

John Hammond (Gary Krawford)-A multimillionaire and the owner of Jurassic Park.

Ian Malcolm (Norm Spencer)-A mathematician specialising in "Chaos Theory".

Ellie Kemper (Camilla Scott)-A scientist and dinosaur wrangler.

Dr. Henry Wu (Scott McCord)-A Chinese geneticist. He is a child prodigy.

Sam Carroll (Michael Daingerfield)-A 14-year-old boy from Santa Monica, California. He is resourceful, and has a deep knowledge of animals, learned from his grandfather, a Chumash shaman.

Chris Mendez (Daniel DeSanto)-Sam's childhood friend. He is 14 years old, tech savvy, and originally hails from Guadalajara, Mexico. He also enjoys food.

Sonali Banerjee (Tara Strong)-One of two girls among the group of teenagers. She is originally from Lucknow, India and is interested in the natural world, as well as having an interest in pop culture and music.

C.J. Waters (Toby Proctor)-A streetwise teen from Dallas, Texas. Although he is an expert at urban survival-he is never seen without his cellphone or Gameboy-he is a novice when it comes to the natural world and is a herpetophobe (someone who is scared of reptiles). Despite this, he is an invaluable member of the team.

Eddie Trang (Vince Corazza)-A nerdy but goodhearted teen from New York City. He is of Vietnamese descent and is somewhat uptight. His mother and father are loving, albeit somewhat strict and overbearing and expecting a lot out of their son (they appear to fit the stereotype of the Asian-American tiger parents).

Maria Christopoulos (Maryke Hendrikse)-One of two girls in the gang. She is from Chicago, Illinois and is of mixed Greek (father) and black (mother) descent.

Recurring characters

Susan and John Carroll (Julie Lemieux and Lawrence Bayne, respectively)-Sam's parents. They have an interest in the natural world. John is also revealed to be half Native American.

Juanita Mendez (Tracey Moore)-Chris's mother. She is a kindhearted, motherly individual. She is also revealed to be something of a domestic goddess.

Luna Mendez (Terri Hawkes)-Chris's little sister. She has a somewhat spoiled attitude, but is sweet.

Anish and Lakshmi Banerjee (Don Francks and Elizabeth Hanna, respectively)-Sonali's father and grandmother. It's unknown about Anish's wife, but he is either divorced or widowed. Lakshmi is a tough but gentle woman, and like her granddaughter, is interested in the natural world.

Dan Waters (Corey Burton)-C.J.'s father. He is a loving father, but is a no-nonsense authoritarian when the occasion calls for it. C.J.'s mother is never seen, but it is presumed that Dan is widowed or his wife left him.

Joan and Brian Tran (Julie Lemieux and Denis Akiyama, respectively)-Eddie's parents. Hailing from Vietnam, they care about their son, and put pressure on him to do well in life.

Peter and Diana Christopolous (Billy West and Iona Morris, respectively)-Maria's parents. Peter hails from Corfu, Greece and is skilled at cooking. Diana is of mixed African (specifically Kenyan) and Native American (specifically Potawatomi) descent.

List of episodes

Season 1 (1994-1995)

1. Here Be Dragons (May 10, 1994)

Location: Shanghai, China

The gang are in China, investigating reports of a legendary dragon, which is in fact a pterodactyl running loose in Shanghai, about to be captured by a greedy geneticist.

Guest stars

George Takei-Dr. Chen

Lawrence Bayne-Dr. George Guan, Chinese reporter

Rob Paulsen-Witness

Frank Welker-Pterodactyl, Dog, Pandas, Mr. Jiang, Taxi driver

Julie Lemieux-Witness

2. Monster of the Gods (May 24, 1994)

Location: Corfu, Greece

The gang are travelling in Greece with Maria's father Peter when a plesiosaur is on the loose, and they must rescue it before it is killed by a gang of hunters, who think it is the mythical Cetus.

Guest stars

Lawrence Bayne-Lead Hunter, Hunter#2, Greek citizens

Catherine Disher-Athena Papadopolous

Scott McCord-Hunter#4, Greek citizens

Jeff Bennett-Nikos Giannopolous, Hunter#3

Frank Welker-Dolphins, Dog, Seagulls

Terri Hawkes-Greek citizens, Susanna Papadopolous

3. Enter Amazon (June 2, 1994)

Location: Amazon, Ecuador

The gang are in the Amazon jungle assisting with a conservation project, when an Titanoboa is running loose. When a gang of poachers capture the snake, the gang must save it.

Guest stars

Norm Spencer-Jorge Fernandez, Poachers

Frank Welker-Titanoboa, Monkeys, Jaguar, Parrots, Toucan, Poachers, Tapir, Boa constrictor, Puma, Capybara, Crocodiles

Andrew Sabiston-Poachers

Juan Chioran-Leon Romero

4. Picnic at Death Valley (June 9, 1994)

Location: Death Valley, California, USA

The gang are travelling in California tracking a herd of Triceratops. When a group of miners threaten the dinosaurs-as well as a Native American community who the gang have befriended-they must act fast to to stop them before they cause irreparable damage to the desert.

Guest stars

Scott McCord-James Little-Wolf, Miners

Maurice LaMarche-Chief Great Bear

Frank Welker-Triceratops, Hawk, Coyotes, Mountain goat, Miners, Native American man, Rattlesnake

Susan Roman-Two Birds

Norm Spencer-Miners, Native American man

5. Bless The Rains Down In Africa (June 23, 1994)

Location: Kenya

The gang are with Diana's mother on safari in Kenya, where a Brontosaurus is on the loose. A greedy poacher and fossil hunter is also in pursuit of it, and the gang must stop him.

Guest stars

Iona Morris-Diana Christopolus

Norm Spencer-James Rafe, Goons

Frank Welker-Brontosaurus, Elephants, Baboons, Lions, Hyenas, Giraffes, Gazelles, Vultures, Zebras, Crocodile, Wildebeest, Buffalo, Hippos, Cheetah, Ostrich

Richard Yearwood-David Kuhani

Scott McCord-Goons

6. Lost in France (August 11, 1994)

Location: Paris, France

The gang are visiting C.J.'s older cousin who lives in Paris. A pteranodon is running loose in the city and the gang must rescue it before the French citizens hunt it down.

Guest stars

Neil Patrick Harris-Patrick Waters

Susan Roman-French reporter

Frank Welker-Pterodactyl, French citizens, Dog, French policeman

Catherine Disher-French citizens

Lawrence Bayne-French citizens

Lenore Zann-Sophie Delacroix

7. The Great Sickness (September 15, 1994)

Location: Costa Rica

When an epidemic hits Isla Nublar, causing the dinosaurs to fall ill, the gang travel to the Costa Rican mainland to find the only known cure; the juices of  the Phoenix Orchid, the rarest flower in the world.

Guest stars

Juan Chioran-Dr. Antonio Santos

Terri Hawkes-Tourists

Lawrence Bayne-Tourists

Scott McCord-British tourist

Lenore Zann-British tourist

Frank Welker-Dinosaurs, Jaguar, Monkeys, Parrot, Tapir, Boa constrictor, Toucan, Sloth, Tourists

8. Meet You At The Crossroads (October 6, 1994)

Location: Vietnam

While pursuing a Spinosaurus which locals believe is an ancient dragon, Eddie fears being forced to give up his adventures with his friends by his domineering parents.

Guest stars

Julie Lemieux-Joan Tran

Denis Akiyama-Brian Tran, Fisherman#1

Frank Welker-Spinosaurus, Monkeys, Crocodile, Elephants, Parrots, Tiger, Python, Gibbon

Len Carlson-Fisherman#2

Catherine Disher-Vietnamese reporter

Terri Hawkes-Witness

9. Day of The Dinosaur (October 27, 1994)

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

The gang travel to Mexico during Day of the Dead, where a Quetzalcoatlus running loose has been mistaken for the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, come back to exact revenge.

Guest stars

Tracey Moore-Juanita Mendez, Mexican woman

Terri Hawkes-Luna Mendez, Julian Santos

Cedric Smith-Mario Santos

Frank Welker-Quetzalcoatlus, Chihuahua, Mexican man, Alberto Fernandez

Catherine Disher-Victoria Santos

Rob Paulsen-Eduardo Sanchez

10. Paradise Lost (November 10, 1994)

Location: Mauritius

The gang travel to Mauritius, where a plesiosaur has been sighted and they must save the creature before a greedy hunter captures it.

Guest stars

Cal Dodd-Snake Mahoney, Sukdhev Chakladar, Goons

Julie Lemieux-Receptionist

Frank Welker-Plesiosaur, Parrots, Dolphins, German tourist

Norm Spencer-Goons

Andrew Sabiston-Goons

11. California Dreaming (November 17, 1994)

Location: California, USA

The gang are in California with Sam's parents, staying on an Indian reserve, when a Stegosaurus is running loose in the wilderness.

Guest stars

Julie Lemieux-Susan Carroll

Lawrence Bayne-John Carroll, Native American man

Colin Fox-Sitting Eagle

Frank Welker-Stegosaurus, Eagle, Black bear, Squirrel, Raccoon, Dog, Deer, Snake, Coyotes

Catherine Disher-Little Deer

Wayne Robson-Grey Hawk

12. Indian Storms (November 24, 1994)

Location: India

The gang are in India with Sonali's father and grandmother, when a Gallimimus is on the loose. The gang must rescue it before it becomes a threat to the locals and itself.

Guest stars

Don Francks-Anish Banerjee, Indian man

Elizabeth Hanna-Lakshmi Banerjee

Frank Welker-Gallimimus, Tiger, Monkeys, Parrots, Elephants, Cow, Cobra, Wild pig, Peacock, Indian man, Crocodiles

Terri Hawkes-Indian woman

Norm Spencer-Raju

Tracey Moore-Indira

13. Northern Exposure (December 1, 1994)

Location: Michigan, USA

The gang are in the Michigan back country on the trail of a Pteranodon, which has been mistaken by local Native Americans as the Piasa, an evil spirit.

Guest stars

Iona Morris-Diana Christopoulos

Andrew Sabiston-Silverbird

Lawrence Bayne-Bear Teeth, Native American man

Frank Welker-Pteranodon, Eagle, Bear, Dog, Raccoon, Moose, Wolves

Tracey Moore-Native American woman

Zachary Bennett-Native American children

Terri Hawkes-Native American children, Black-Eagle

14. Journey to The Heart of Darkness (December 15, 1994)

Location: Congo

The gang are in the Congo, tracking a Sarcosuchus, a prehistoric crocodile, which is being plagued by pollutants in the river caused by diamond miners.

Guest stars

Conrad Coates-Dr. Jean-Paul Bakaza

Norm Spencer-Miners

Frank Welker-Sarcosuchus, Elephants, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Monkeys, Parrots, Leopard, Snake, Hippos

Harvey Atkin-Miners

Cal Dodd-Miners

15. The Back of Beyond (January 8, 1995)

Location: Alberta, Canada

The gang are travelling in the Canadian back-country, where a Parasaurolophus herd is on the loose. When a storm hits the plains, the gang must save the herd before the elements catch them.

Guest stars

Dan Chameroy-Dr. Brian Raymond

Julie Lemieux-Hotel receptionist

Frank Welker-Parasaurolophus, Wolves, Bison, Eagle, Black bear, Raccoon, Hare, Moose

Scott McCord-Metalhead, Daniel Morningstar

Lenore Zann-Female metalhead

16. Terror From the Sea (January 22, 1995)

Location: Fiji

The gang are in Fiji, when they hear stories of a sea monster, which is really a mosasaurus, which they must protect from the locals, who want to hunt it down.

Guest stars

Cal Dodd-Akal Singh, Village headman

Terri Hawkes-Jaya Singh

Frank Welker-Mosasaurus, Villager, Chickens, Dog

Catherine Disher-Villagers

Andrew Sabiston-Villagers, Chanak Patel

17. African Winds (February 5, 1995)

Location: Nigeria

The gang are in Nigeria, where an allosaurus is running loose. When the creature is captured by poachers, the gang must save it before it's too late.

Guest stars

Melanie Nicholls-King-Dr. Susan Olatunji

Sterling Jarvis-Joe Adeyemi

Frank Welker-Allosaurus, Monkeys, Snake, Leopard, Hyenas, Elephants, Hippos, Parrot, Hornbills, Chimpanzee

Lawrence Bayne-Poachers

Andrew Sabiston-Poachers, Dr. Michael Winston

18. High Noon (February 12, 1995)

Location: Texas, USA

A herd of brontosaurus is running loose in Texas, and the gang must rescue them from an oil rig, while C.J. clashes with his overbearing father.

Guest stars

Lawrence Bayne-Oil workers

Frank Welker-Brontosaurus, Hawk, Coyotes, Rattlesnake, Oil workers

Cal Dodd-Radio voice

Tony Daniels-Oil workers

19. London Calling (March 12, 1995)

Location: London, UK

The gang are visiting Sonali's uncle in London, where a styrachosaur is running loose, and they must stop it from destroying the city.

Guest stars

Brian George-Rajesh Banerjee

Frank Welker-Styracosaurus, Tube passengers, Police dogs

Rob Paulsen-Pakistani cab driver

Catherine Disher-Jamaican woman

Tracey Moore-Tube passengers

20. Law of the Jungle (March 26, 1995)

Location: Guatemala

When sightings of a rogue velociraptor emerge in the Guatemalan rainforest, the gang must track the dinosaur before it is captured by poachers.

Guest stars

Jonathan Potts-Rafael Santos

Frank Welker-Velociraptor, Jaguar, Monkeys, Parrots, Snake, Toucan, Anteater, Puma, Crocodiles

Lawrence Bayne-Poachers, Farmer

Tara Strong-Alexandra Lopez

Cal Dodd-Poachers

21. Beware of Greeks Bearing Dinosaurs (April 9, 1995)

Location: Santorini, Greece

The gang are on the Greek island of Santorini, where a flock of Dimorphons have been spotted, with the locals mistaking them for the mythical Harpies.

Guest stars

Dan Chameroy-Dr. Alexander Roussos

Frank Welker-Dimorphodons, Dolphins, Seagulls, Canadian tourist

Zachary Bennett-Tourist boy

George Buza-Joe

Alyson Court-Waitress

22. Desert Dinosaur (April 23, 1995) Location: Saudi Arabia The gang are in the Saudi desert, tracking a herd of Compsognathus, which a tribe of Bedouin nomads have been blaming attacks on their livestock on, and must save them before the revenge seeking locals hunt them down.

Guest stars

Colin Fox-Dr. Mahmoud el-Fayed

Frank Welker-Compsognathus, Dogs, Hawk, Camels, Goats, Nomads, Jackals, Cobra

Terri Hawkes-Yasmina el-Fayed

Catherine Disher-Nomads

Gerry Mendicino-Khaled Ahmad

23. East of Eden (May 7, 1995)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

A pack of velociraptors is on the loose in Bangkok and the gang must save them before they lay waste to the city.

Guest stars

Lawrence Bayne-Dr. Chakrii Hayeepao

Frank Welker-Velociraptors, Dogs, Monkeys, Tuktuk driver

Catherine Disher-Witness

Wayne Robson-Thai restaurateur

Terri Hawkes-Reporter

24. Clash of the Dinosaurs (May 21, 1995)

Location: Brazil

The gang are in Brazil's Pantanal, where two Pachycephalosaurus are running loose, and they must save them from a gang of poachers.

Guest stars

Janet-Laine Green-Dr. Simona DeCosta

Frank Welker-Pachycephalosaurus, Jaguar, Monkeys, Parrot, Toucan, Anaconda, Tapir, Capybara, Anteater

Lawrence Bayne-Poachers

Wayne Robson-Poachers

Terri Hawkes-Antonia DeCosta

Season 2 (1995-96)

1. Island Oddity (August 13, 1995)

Location: Madagascar

The gang are traveling in Madagascar, where a Majungasaurus is on the loose. When a forest fire strikes, they must rescue the dinosaur, made harder with poachers stalking it.

Guest stars

Philip Akin-Dr. Jean-Philippe M'kazi

Frank Welker-Majungasaurus, Lemurs, Parrots, Snake, Crocodile, Dog, Chickens

Cal Dodd-Poachers

Lawrence Bayne-Goons

Tyrone Benskin-Merchant

2. Trial by Fire (September 10, 1995)

Location: Death Valley, California, USA

A flock of Pteranodons have been sighted in Death Valley, and the gang must rescue them before a greedy animal taxidermist captures them.

Guest stars

Colin Fox-Dr. Vogel

Frank Welker-Pteranodons, Coyotes, Rabbit, Rattlesnake, Hawk, Bighorn sheep

Stavroula Logothettis-Angie the waitress

Tony Daniels-James Little-Crow

Wayne Robson-Joey the short order chef

3. House of the Rising Sun (September 24, 1995)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

A Baryonyx is on the loose in Tokyo, with locals assuming it is an ancient dragon. The gang must save the dinosaur before it causes harm to itself and tears the city apart.

Guest stars

Denis Akiyama-Dr. Takeo Ishimura

Frank Welker-Baryonyx, Pigeons, Stray dogs, Japanese shopkeeper

Terri Hawkes-Kiki Ishimura, Japanese schoolboy

Lisa Yamanaka-Japanese schoolgirl

John Stocker-Japanese taxi driver

4. Natural Selection (October 1, 1995)

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

The gang are visiting Chris's uncle in Mexico, where a Dimetrodon has been spotted in the jungle, and which they must save before poachers capture it, believing it to be mythical Chupacabra.

Guest stars

Colin Fox-Claudio Mendez, Poachers

Frank Welker-Dimetrodon, Jaguar, Monkeys, Parrot, Snake, Toucan, Crocodiles, Tapir, Anteater

Damon D'Oliveira-Diego, Poachers

Andrew Sabiston-Rafael

Lally Cadeau-Rafael's mother

5. Dinosaurs in New York (October 8, 1995)

Location: New York, New York, USA

The gang are in New York, visiting Eddie's cousin, where an Iguanodon has been sighted, and the gang must stop it from causing damage to the city, and protect it from angry locals.

Guest stars

Andrew Sabiston-Jason Trang

Frank Welker-Iguanodon, Pigeons, Dogs, Bronx Zoo animals, Zookeeper, Rats

Tracey Moore-Woman mugged in street

Colin O'Meara-Street thug

Harvey Atkin-Taxi driver

6. Call of the Sabretooth (October 22, 1995)

Location: British Columbia, Canada

The gang are in the Canadian Rockies, where a Smilodon pack is on the loose. With the hep of local park rangers, they must save the cats from a gang of poachers.

Guest stars

Neil Crone-Joe Proudhawk, Poachers

Frank Welker-Smilodons, Bear, Wolves, Eagle, Moose, Mountain lion, Raccoon

Tracey Moore-Rachel Hopper

Dan Chameroy-Poachers, Pete

Stavroula Logothettis-Linda

7. Into the Green (November 5, 1995)

Location: Guatemala

The gang are working with an indigenous tribe in Guatemala, where a Pteranodon has been spotted, and mistaken for the Mayan god Kukul-Kan, and when loggers are destroying the rainforest, they must save the creature and stop the rainforest from being levelled.

Guest stars

George Buza-Chawalaki, Loggers

Frank Welker-Pteranodon, Jaguar, Monkeys, Parrots, Boa, Toucan, Tapir, Crocodiles

Alyson Court-Dr. Manuela Rodriguez

Norm Spencer-Loggers

Tracey Moore-Indigenous children

8. Dinosaur Wars (November 19, 1995)

Location: Australia

The gang are in the Australian outback, where an ex-military scientist has been capturing people in Sydney, as well as a Carnotaurus and other dinosaurs to use as superweapons.

Guest stars

Lawrence Bayne-Dr. Reptillis, Australian man

Frank Welker-Carnotaurus, T Rex, Velociraptors, Pteranodon, Kangaroos, Koala, Seagulls, Stegosaurus, Homeless man

Terri Hawkes-Newsreader, Swedish tourist

Denis Akiyama-Vietnamese restaurateur

Catherine Disher-Homeless woman

9. When Giants Fall (December 10, 1995)

Location: Palawan, Philippines

The gang travel to the Philippines, where a velociraptor is running loose in the jungle.

Guest stars

Paul Haddad-Philip Bautista, Farmer#1

Frank Welker-Velociraptor, Monkeys, Cobra, Parrots, Farmer#2, Crocodile

Lisa Yamanaka-Sofia Bautista

Terri Hawkes-Villager

Francis Diakowski-Villager

10. Troubled Waters (December 17, 1995)

Location: Baja Peninsula, Mexico

A megalodon has been sighted off the Mexican coast, and the gang must stop it falling victim to poachers.

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