This was one of the many Justice League teams formed by Batman in case of the JLA were out of action or mind cortol. Aquaman's group were generally cosueed by Superman. They first appers in Ben 10 Legends The Ememy Below.



Aqua Justice League

  • Aqua Cat - Born on land,

Defunt Mermaid Tails

  • Mera - Green with scales


  • The New 20 specials


  • Aquaman doesn't uses a tail to swim underwater.
  • Before his powers got a upgrade, Blizzard can't swim and breathe underwater. Because of this, he took breathing and swimming lessons at Atlantis.
  • Out of all members with Aquapathy and Aquakinesis, half of them, like Bill, Amy, Lori and Namora mange to master them under a year. (In Amy's case, 10 hours)
  • In the New 20, aquatic fauna is a Altantean leangle that allows the Altanteans to speak to sea creatures.
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