Justice Of The Innocent & Of The Divine Providence: Protectors Of The Universe, Neo Sailor Moon Ancient Primordial Beast God / Infinity Holy Dragon Galaxy Star Imperial X-Storm- The Most Powerful Women & Future Rulers Of The Entire Infinite Universe is a fan fictional story based on Sailor Moon

This is a rewrite of the anime..

The Neo Senshi are going to make new friends, face new emenies, fight alongside powerful new allies, & their Neo Sailor Scout uniforms shall be upgraded: resulting in new powers & abilities.


Neo Sailor Senshi / Neo Soldiers

  • Neo Moon
  • Neo Sol
  • Neo Terra
  • Neo Mercury
  • Neo Mars
  • Neo Jupiter
  • Neo Venus
  • Neo Pluto
  • Neo Uranus
  • Neo Neptune
  • Neo Saturn
  • Neo Star


Holy Knights

Legendary Duelists

Battle Brawlers

Section 13 & The J-Team

Time-Space Administration Bureau


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities / Major Supernatural Factions

Keyblade Order Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darkness


Television Shows


  • The Neo Senshi survived The Fall Of The Silver Millennium.
  • Neo Sol is Neo Moon's older sister & heir of the Sun Kingdom. Neo Star is Neo Sol & Neo Moon's cousin.
  • Princess Serenity awakened as Neo Moon during the attack on The Silver Millenium.
  • Neo Terra is Prine Orion's older sister & The heir of The Earth Kingdom, she joined The Silver Millennium's royal court.
  • The Black Moon family were the real cause of The Silver Millennium's destruction & The Moon Kingdom's downfall.
  • The Black Moon family waged war against The Moon Kingdom because King Solarius & Queen Serenity rejected Prince Diamond's purposal to marry Serenity & to solidify an alliance between their kingddoms..
  • The Neo Senshi all relocated to Los Angeles, California.
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